Rules & Tips

  1. Be kind and patient!
  2. I do not give out softsubs! Feel free to sub into your language though by yourself.
  3. Do not ask for next eps. You will get it when I finish or feel like uploading.
  4. Reuploads will result in delaying the project! I have NOT given anyone permission to re-upload any of my work!
  5. Support subbers by watching on our sites!
  6. No download links!

Please follow these steps before commenting if video don’t work:

Server 1 (usually works better in USA) & 2:
1. Clean history/browser
2. Check/Turn on VPN

**If it still doesn’t work, that probably means it got blocked!

If any broken links, please let me know! Current Project is top priority for me, so fixing links comes later.

Disclaimer: Photos/videos may not be mine and belongs to their rightful owner, I do not claim ownership for them! However, the translations/subtitles and writing/interpretations/analysis are mine!