[ENG SUB] Teasers 2023

Just some 2023 lakorn teasers that took my interest! Will keep updating the lists if anymore takes my interest! I’ve added mydramalist links for the synposis!
IMPORTANT: Subbing the teaser does not mean I’m going to sub it!

**I no longer plan on uploading osts and teasers to FB due to copyright strikes!

Fai Luang 2023: https://mydramalist.com/683955-fai-luang

Most likely will be subbed by Viu!

Sapai Sai Strong (Devil in Law): https://mydramalist.com/688631-sapai-sai-strong

This one is airing in January 2023 and I do have plans to sub it unless it gets subbed by Netflix/Viu!

Sao Chai Delivery: https://mydramalist.com/725587-sao-chai-delivery?fbclid=IwAR1NqrQogk9ZuZ34VVkTdfBnH6hFo8DhuwHkhHTtHQwI4qk-G63vrVVFldw

I like these types of storylines, but depends when it airs and my schedule!

Ruethai Bodee: https://mydramalist.com/731193-ruethai-bodee?fbclid=IwAR0k554fwkKNo5v5a1TKe6mwliL8RqyXKV737LEHOYZot8WCREwQcpOkdTQ

I like the actresses Garn and Jenny, but depends on when it airs and my schedule!

Phaen Luang Buang Maya: https://mydramalist.com/733927-phan-lung-bung-marya?fbclid=IwAR0_3GlIfEesPjb9e0n2ymswFerOHRwkRExEJwHWSEYY3V6urPkUDHRP0ZU

Most of the time I enjoy PP’s dramas and this storyline is interesting, but depends on my schedule!

I already have 2 projects I want to do this year (which will be announced later) that have already been aired so I’ll see what I can do 🙂