[ENG SUB] Buang Wimala Ep. 17 (END)

Thanks to NhýmLee for timing! 🙂

And it finally came to an end! Honestly I had like a lot of expectations and high hopes for this lakorn. And it started off pretty good and then it kind of went downhill like ep 4 onwards, and I don’t think it quite picked up again. I think ep 5-17 here, I’m just slowly dying on the inside and subbing because I know some are still watching and expecting subs.
I feel like I always have something to complain about but I’ll just list what I liked not particularly related to the drama itself. Honestly, I felt like Pupe did pretty well in here. I’ve heard that she wasn’t that good in her other drama. Preaw did pretty good in here, acting like a crazy lady! At first I wanted to sympathize with her but she got too crazy for my liking. I wished there was some more scenes of second couple of Noona and Itt. Anyways, I’m keeping it short.
What did you enjoy or not enjoy about this lakorn? Who stuck til the end? 😂

Low-key haven’t been feeling like I want to do anything, even studying, so gotta get my motivation again because exams don’t wait for anyone! 😓

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Final Stats: 16,755 lines subtitled BW / 172,204 total (from SPYY)