[ENG SUB] Buang Wimala Ep. 8

Thanks to NhýmLee for timing! 🙂

Let’s just say I haven’t really been impressed with the lakorn so far 🤨, I’ve been dreading to watch it, thus delaying subs. Reminded me of SCK, except it actually got to like ep 14ish for me to dread it. But fortunately BM keeping me more sane with it’s cuteness so far! 😍

I think I felt as much rage as everyone in here for their stupid decision. Apparently Itt is the only one thinking straight and who is actually trying to solve the problem thus far. Why would Wimala throw him into the fire of everyone’s wrath like that?? Yes to more romantic scenes between Itt and Noona please, I don’t need anymore of Gun’s wrath and Wimala’s foolishness! 😡

Anyways, any thoughts so far? I will like to know if it’s worth the pain to continue subbing lol. 🙂

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