[ENG SUB] Boss & Me Ep. 1

Thanks to NhýmLee and Catattack for timing! 🙂

New project! I actually didn’t expect to pick this as a new project, but it was suggested and now I’m here! Memberships will only be for Pang Sanaeha, which is no longer available (If you’re not already a member, please look at the subbing schedule for the free releases!) After careful considerations, I’ve come to the conclusion that early viewing membership isn’t really for me. I prefer to sub and release on my own time. Since this is a FREE project, there’s no schedule or timeline to follow. Please be kind and respectful and await next eps release patiently, that’s all I ask for. I usually don’t drop projects (only under extreme situations), so I will continue working on it until it’s complete, no need to remind!

Anyways, enjoy! ^^

SD (Server 1):

HD (Server 2):

SD (Server 2):