[ENG SUB] Game Prattana Ep. 20 (END)

Thanks to NhýmLee and Catattack for timing! 🙂


This drama set off a lot of emotions in me because I was sitting on the edge and anticipated every moment and similarly with the timing team! I did take a little pause from it for a bit, but when I picked up, I still felt the same due to its intensity.
I am gonna complain about the ending though. They should’ve just let Khun Pee surrender and not have Tawit kill Phakin and go to jail. I feel bad for Lisa, but glad she still wants to stay by his side although it’ll be a very long time. I think this last episode was for Tawit, our main leads spotlight ended 2 eps ago I would say.
Overall, I don’t think I hate anyone. They all have their reasons and no one is perfect. It was a great watch and I recommend it if you like strong women and a good Romeo-Juliet romance. Of course, each lakorns have its own flaws, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this lakorn and think all actors/actresses did a wonderful job.

Overall, what did you think?

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Final Stats: 22,105 lines subtitled GP / 138,259 total (from SPYY)