[ENG SUB] Game Prattana Ep. 17

Thanks to NhýmLee and Catattack for timing! 🙂

“Do you know I kept thinking how I would feel if I get dump by you. Would I be angry, sad, or how long would I cry. But when I thought from your point of view, I thought why, why am I this selfish. You’re probably hurt about your father, and hurt about your past. But why am I only thinking about myself. I don’t want to be a bad girlfriend like that.” – Milin
I felt with this Milin showed us she grew up a lot. In the beginning, she’s a spoiled brat who mostly cares about herself, but now, she’s able to think about it from another person’s perspective. Loving her more 🙂
I hope Tawit moves on from Milin and show Lisa some love.
OKay just my feelings so far, but I still hate Khun Pee more than Khun Parama, anyone else? ✋

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