[ENG SUB] Game Prattana Ep. 14

Thanks to NhýmLee and Catattack for timing! 🙂

The writers are still spoiling us with sweet scenes from the two! Jealous Milin and Anawin! 😅 This whole time, Nycha has been super beautiful, if I was Win, I would keep her close too! It’s nice to see the Southern dialect here since we’re mostly more familiar with Isaan and Northern (which is getting more common– used in Rak Nakara & currently in Ratee Luang). Don’t know, but who else is interested in different dialects? (Unrelated but Euro (Kasa from SCK) really likes dialects, so whenever he has LIVE, he usually asks others to speak in different dialects with him). I find it fascinating 🙂

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