[ENG SUB] Samee Chua Keun Info

Just a place to keep subbed teasers/osts/synposis:

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

OST 1 (English subs by Neko! Thanks!):

OST 2:

OST 3:


Chonpansa got pregnant with her son, Luk Prun, after a one night stand with an unknown man who she later suspected to be Chayut, the half-brother of Kasa. With that suspicion, Chonpansa goes out of her way to treat Chayut well, causing a misunderstanding for Kasa and making him think she’s trying to get with his brother in order to promote her position. In trying to save his brother, Kasa took actions and announce his fake romantic relationship with Chonpansa, making her and Luk Prun move in with him.


    • I’m not sure, I really want to watch as well, it’s sooo good!!! I’m just going to wait until she is happy to release them as I don’t want to pester her because she is being really kind and subbing for us.

      • Oh, I’m not mad, I just thought people will read my replies to other people on what to do. Anyways, just go to Rainbow Subs Facebook page and follow directions from there to get the pw.

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