[ENG SUB] Wimarn Sai Ep. 10

Ep. 10 is here, 2 more eps! Prepare for some loud screaming by Pete! Lol my ears still hurt since I usually put volume up to hear the dialogue. πŸ˜… That little actor is good tho. Through all this mess, I’m glad Panin is side by side with Arisara! He’s surely making up for his past mistake! ^^

I usually have more thoughts then this when translating, but after translating the episode and editing, I just get too tired and just want to get the episode out to you all, but I do enjoy reading commentary on the lakorn and how you feel about it so far, so please add if you have any! πŸ™‚

Thanks to those who’ve been waiting patiently! πŸ™‚
Shout out and thanks to coffee donors for pumping me up with coffee to work!! ^^


Thanks to MLAT & Catattack for timing! πŸ™‚

<3 Falada

Note: Subs does not appear when full screen on phone (maybe iPad/tablet as well). Preferably to watch on laptop for subs to appear. I will not upload onto other platforms such as Facebook/YouTube/Ok.ru/etc due to copyrights and to protect my work, please respect my decision!



  1. Thank for your hard work. I’m so obsessed with this lakorn.

  2. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. I torture myself by watching this but it is such a good drama. I like binge watching and usually I make sure that it is completed before I start watching but this is an exception to my rule.

  3. I feel bad for PohKhai. I can’t fully hate him cause the dad is so awful. He’s the # 1 villain in this show!

    • I feel the same about Pokhai, too. The dad is bad, but I think Lookmee is actually the villain.

    • I agree guys when a family is that bad it comes from the “root” aka dad.! Amazing subtitles falada thank you for your work.!!

  4. Love this lakorn…. This is an amazing remake and I enjoyed the chemistry between the 2 main leads. thank you for subbing this lakorn.

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