[ENG SUB] Wimarn Sai Ep. 5

Ep. 5 is here! lol I’m still alive, just a bit busy these past few days! Thanks for patiently waiting! ^^
Plot is still moving fast! But hopefully you all are still enjoying it as I am.


Thanks to MLAT & Catattack for timing! 🙂

<3 Falada

Note: Subs does not appear when full screen on phone (maybe iPad/tablet as well). Preferably to watch on laptop for subs to appear. I will upload SD/YT version to see if it helps with buffering, however I will not upload onto other platforms such as Facebook/YouTube/Ok.ru/etc due to copyrights and to protect my work, please respect my decision!



  1. I love this drama!!!!! I watched the old one and so far i like this version better!!!!

  2. Everytime I press the “play” button it does not work for ep. 5 & 6 Is there a reason why? I try my t.v., computer and phone.

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