[ENG SUB] Wimarn Sai Ep. 2

Ep. 2 here! We get a willing and then revenge is starting. Thus this episode is bittersweet because it started sweet and ends on a bitter note. Until next week, see you with ep. 3 where we get a pregnancy! >.<

Lol I think a hard part about subbing itself is not only the long hours of translating, but then I still have to deal with technical problems! Just uploading this video took me a while!

Anyways, enjoy!

Thanks to MLAT & Catattack for timing! 🙂

<3 Falada

Note: Subs does not appear when full screen on phone (maybe iPad/tablet as well). Preferably to watch on laptop for subs to appear. I will upload SD version to see if it helps with buffering, however I will not upload onto other platforms such as Facebook/YouTube/Ok.ru/etc due to copyrights and to protect my work, please respect my decision!





  1. Thank you so much for quick english sub. And I know you have other stuff to do but thank you so much for taking your time out to sub this drama wimarn sai. Me was dying to see this drama n hoping that you would sub this quickly. I was so happy that you sub this so quickly n i though that it will take week to sub this. Me still couldn’t believe it english sub.

  2. Thank you so much for your generosity. I am really enjoying Wimarn Sai. and I will only view your work on your site because I truly am grateful for your kindness-sharing your work. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for your hard work, i would really appreciate it if you can upload it on another server, this server is too slow in my country. I watched the first episode in 5 hours.

  4. Thank you so much for your effort in putting subs to this Lakorn. I’m really loving this lakorn so much, especially that Esther is one of the main character. Hope you won’t get tired. More power!

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