[ENG SUB] Rak Nakara

Eps are planned for Thursdays; however sometimes, even the tightest plans fall out. Please be patient with us. We’re doing our best!

Ep. 1 ✔ (9/9/21)
Ep. 2✔ (9/16/21)
Ep. 3✔ (9/23/21)
Ep. 4✔ (9/30/21)
Ep. 5✔ (10/7/21)
Ep. 6✔ (10/30/21)
Ep. 7✔ (11/11/21)
Ep. 8✔ (11/22/21)
Ep. 9✔ (12/16/21)
Ep. 10✔ (12/16/21)
Ep. 11✔ (12/16/21)
Ep. 12✔ (12/16/21)

RN is now officially completed and wrapped up before 2021 ends! I’m so glad and grateful to have this opportunity to work with Catattack! It has been a while since I got to work in a team (on non-Viki projects), but it was great teamwork! 🙂
Overall, I really enjoyed watching and subbing this lakorn, and I hope you all did too. I loved the storyline and I think the acting was pretty good. It was actually my first lakorn that I fully finished with Mark and Taew. 😅 Mew did really well here and surprised me since she always played the sweet innocent characters.
It took me a while to watch and appreciate this lakorn, to be honest, because the synopsis on MDL didn’t make it sound interesting enough, but someone had asked me to subbed it and I turned them down. However, I somehow choose to watch it and got hooked later on and the rest is history!
Overall, what did you think?
It took a while to subbed, but it was worth it! 4 years late, but better than never! ^^

Thanks to CA for hosting it on her site!

Enjoy! ^^

<3 Falada

Use Link for eps: http://catattack.lakornsubs.com/rak-nakara/


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