[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 12 END

[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 12 END


Honestly, I’m glad that I’ve finished translating another project! My first thoughts of this lakorn was good because I liked the storyline and amnesia! But it just got super weird afterwards. I do not like the normal Logan because he’s too conceited and throughout the last few eps, I’ve just been finding myself frustrated with his thoughts and actions. I also feel similar about Nila. I felt that Nila and Logan were really entitled to a lot of things and were allowed to do things others couldn’t do, and when others can’t do it they way they can, they put them down, which I don’t like. I kind of enjoy Chamin, Dennis, Clark, and Colin. Chamin, Clark, and Dennis because they tend to be more reasonable throughout the series when the other two are making my blood boil. And Colin for being super cute! Lakorns/dramas with kids just makes me super weak and interested; thus, another reason why I picked this lakorn up!

I think one of the biggest complaint I have of this last episode was near the end when Clark Krueger gave up the custody court petition because he cared for Colin more than he wanted to win Logan and Nila and Logan treated like it’s a game they’ve won and calling him “weak” for crying and being emotional. Oh, and when Logan asked why Nila didn’t record it, so they can “enjoy” his vulnerable moment, I just lost it! Like seriously? No one took the time to understand what he was going through! He lost the love of his life and their child is the only remnant of their love for each other and he had to deal with her narcissistic brother who hates him only because he’s a mafia, although Logan is a low-key thug, too. Let me add, Logan is a super ungrateful brat! Clark saved him from a bullet at the fake wedding of Chamin and Dennis, and he couldn’t even visit him once at the hospital to “thank” him, instead, he told Chamin that he didn’t ask for it. Whether he asked for it or not, a little gratefulness doesn’t hurt, especially when he could’ve died and not be with Chamin anymore.

I guess one of the good thing here is that there’s much more sweet scenes. After MGBR with like zero sweet scenes or chemistry between our leads, this one was more fresh and better in that area. Although I will have to say sometimes Logan is just plain creepy, always asserting his rights on Chamin and getting jealous at her for purely just talking to another male species, even though they’re not even flirting! But what I did like in MGBR in comparison to PRPR is that the acting is much more natural. PRPR makes me cringe at the acting a lot, and I’m glad I didn’t have to watch every scene, only when I have to translate. However, I’m grateful that PRPR have less dialogue!

Anyway, I’ve read lot of positive feedback on this lakorn and am glad that many enjoyed it! Hopefully you all are still enjoying it, it makes all the hard work and frustration worth it. Thanks for your patience with me in working slowly on this project!

Thanks to Tereza for timing! Enjoy! 

Final Stats: 12318 lines subtitled PRPR / 50960 total (from SPYY)