[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 11

[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 11

11/12, only 1 more ep! Almost done, thank goodness!

Hopefully you are enjoying the lakorn! These days have been busy, but slowly and surely, I will complete English subs for this lakorn. Thanks to those who have been patiently waiting! 🙂

At this point, I will like to say I have a lot of complaints about this lakorn! I initially like the storyline, but the acting and some of the scenes are not meeting my expectations sadly. I know Nila feels down; however, she can’t just be mad that her friend is still refusing to forgive and forget what her father did. He killed his family, so I’m just peeved that she also don’t try to understand how he fills. She’s not to blame and nor did Logan or Dennis blamed her for anything her father did, but then she expects them to forget and forgive easily?! And where did Dennis’ logic go? lol lakorn logic… sigh…
Before, I was irritated with Logan for the way he act, like the world is just all flowers because he can do anything he wants and he blamed Dennis for being weak and giving him the idea of running away with Nila, just to tell him once again that he’s foolish for wanting to run away. I think many see Logan as super sweet, but for me, he was a creep and self-conceited, and I wouldn’t blame Chamin for leaving him. I think I’m with Clark Krueger on how I feel about Logan!

Thanks to Lucila for timing! Enjoy! 

<3 Falada