[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 1

[ENG SUB] Pee Roon Pram Ruk Ep. 1
Nice and light introduction to the story and main couple got to meet. In dramas, it’s totally okay to bring a stranger to your apartment unalarmed, but in reality, please don’t do it for your safety! πŸ˜‚ I’m enjoying it so far even though it’s a pretty typical lakorn storyline.
Thanks to Lucila for timing! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

<3 Falada


  1. Dear Falada, Thank you so much for subbing this. Just saw the first episode and enjoyed it a lot. It has two of my favourite actors, Bomb and Mai and the theme of amnesia which I like a lot. Plus there is an added bonus of a cute 5 year old. All in all, a nice drama to watch and relax with. Thanks a ton for your kindness in subbing this for Non Thai speaking people like me.

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