[ENG SUB] Song Poo Ying Yai Ep. 5

Hey you all, sorry for the late update. This week really hasn’t been my week because of the many obstacles! But with time, it will be solved. 🙂 Some updates, FB is discontinuing “Notes”, which is the program I used to update and provide links for my subbed lakorns; therefore, I will have to find a new way to present lakorns. YT has also changed their subtitling program, so I will have to play around with it a bit to adapt myself to it. There will be quite some changes, so please be patient with me as we all adjust to all these changes.

Here is episode 5, the quality is really bad and I apologize for that. Nuna Panda has reached out to me with better quality, and I will fix the earlier episodes with the better quality videos, but probably not now. For now, I will focus on bringing out new subbed episodes instead of updating the new episodes. Hopefully starting ep. 6 onward, videos will be better. 🙂

Anyway, I think Moo and Kaewjai are super cute. They’re currently my fave couple right now. 🙂


<3 Falada

PS: Since it’s an older lakorn, the audio isn’t as clear; therefore, I didn’t really sub what I couldn’t hear. Hopefully that doesn’t disrupt flow. Also, video quality isn’t the best!