A New Project!!… Song Poo Ying Yai

Hi everyone, I’m back with a new project!! I’m happy to announce that my new project will be Song Poo Ying Yai (Two Mighty Women). This is a pretty old lakorn, aired in 2011; however, it happened to be one of my favorites. It starred: Tye, Gijee, Sara, Tah, Noon, and Nott. Sara Legge is actually one fo my favorite actresses, and she is super gorgeous! This lakorn is a rom-com. I’m excited to work on this project and hope that you all will enjoy it as much as I do <3

Lakorn Information:

Cast: Tye Nattapol Leeyawanich as Kookiat
Gijee Jomkwan Leelaphongprasut as Maew S
ara Legge as Kaewjai
Tah Warit Tipgomut as Moo
Not Vorarit Fuangarome as Kiatkong
Noon Sirapan Wattanajinda as Mieow

Summary: Jae Hong and Jae Kim were best friends; however, their love for the same guy destroy that friendship. P’Aet was first Jae Hong’s boyfriend, but he was seduced by Jae Kim and therefore had to take responsibility for her. Jae Hong was deeply sadden by this and got married to another man. Years later, they both have their own children and are still at war with each other. However, their own children starts to have feelings for each other. Kookiat, the second son of Jae Hong, fell in love at first sight with Maew, the second daughter of Mae Kim, and thus started the domino love effect. Through many adversities, Mieow, Jae Kim’s eldest daughter, and Kiatkong, Jae Hong’s eldest son, also fall for each other. The same goes for Kaewjai, Mae Hom’s only daughter, and Moo, Mae Kim’s first son. Will their mother’s hatred stop or continue to fight for their love?

More Information: https://mydramalist.com/23446-song-poo-ying-yai

Although you may not know much of this lakorn, please join me the ride along with me 🙂 Thanks! 

<3 Falada

PS: I am looking for a timer for this series, so please let me know if you’re interested!

No teaser, only opening song that I’ve translated! 🙂 Enjoy
*Since it’s older lakorn, I couldn’t find any HD versions, therefore, only available is Low quality. Hopefully that’s alright with you all.