[ENG SUB] Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng Ep.6 FULL

Ep. 6 of PYLMW is here~~~

Honestly, Uncle Teng (Pope) is so cute. His actions just shows how much he loves Khun Dao, lol she’s a lucky girl. But I don’t really like Toy and what’s she doing and going to do. I know that she likes Teng, but he doesn’t have the same feelings. I’m also happy for Venice and Lukkwad for getting together. Venice deserves to be with Lukkwad more than Toy. Anyway, any comments/rants about the lakorn?

**Also you may have noticed that speed of releasing lakorn has decreased; however keep in mind that the goal is to finish, not be fast! I’m subbing as much as I can, and also we’re 6/11 episodes in, so only have 5 more episodes. Ep.7 is almost done subbing, just needs some more editing.

Thanks to Tereza(Urameshi Downs) for timing and Judith for hardsubs!Enjoy!

<3 Falada


    • Hi, just click on the link that says “Watch on Facebook”, sometimes, it doesn’t show on here, but you should be able to watch on Facebook. šŸ™‚

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