[ENG SUB] Sot Stories Ep.6


Another episode done, 10 more to go. 🙂 Just a note, I’m still subbing, just very slowly because it’s scholarship & college decisions season, so I’m a bit anxious. Also remember, I’m a subber in training, so it takes me a while to get it all translated.

For this episode: I didn’t realize Men and Mai were siblings until when Men mentioned his older sister who treats a patient and is falling in love with him. FYI, I spelt  Donut’s (ID) character’s name wrong. It’s not Nailada, but Ilada.
And Bank and his plan to do a trick on Pang like from Roy Leh Sanae Rai is hilarious. I’m sure most of you have watched RLSR by Push and Lily.
I’m glad that Ark is trying to take responsibility on his actions and by treating ID better and that ID is letting him also.
Big thanks to Thippy for helping me sub.

PS: Thanks to those who have volunteered to time. I have timers for both Por Yung Lung Mai Wharng and Barb Ruk Talay Fun, but please allow us time to prepare and complete everything. Thanks.

<3 Falada


  1. Hi… it’s almost a month… waiting excitedly for the next episodes in eng sub

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