[KOREAN] Ruler: Master of Mask: Hwa Goon & Lee Sun

I really super love Hwa Gun (Yoon So Hee) in this drama. I admired her courage and love. Sure, her grandfather is feared by many, but I admire her unconditional love for Crown PrinceLee Sun. They would have made a great couple.

If I do fall in love one day, I think my kind of love will be like hers…

A fanmade by me for Hwa Gun & Crown Prince Lee Sun.

This Hmong song is about a bird and the moon. In songs, they always have the sun and moon go together, so I thought it was interesting to sing about a bird & the moon. Hwa Gun really is the bird who loves the moon, Lee Sun, unconditionally and does not fear death. She is at his beck and call, and prepared to do a lot for him, such as defies herΒ  own grandfather and hurt her father who loves her. In here, she struggles with her love for the Crown Prince & her family.

Song translations are by me, so sorry for any errors with translations or grammar. I know the video is not top quality, but please bear with it. Small screens preferred.

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Enjoy! ^^

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, she does things without thinking about others, too. She’s not the most perfect character in the story. In fact, one one really is. She’s like her grandfather, the antagonist of the drama, as she said in this video. It depends on you, like or no like.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the main leads, Ga Eun with Lee Sun too, but Hwa Gun is my favorite. So Hee is also one of my favorite Korean actresses. If you’ve watched the drama, what are your thoughts? Please be respectful, this post is full of opinions and flaws, yet I tried to keep everything as respectful as I can as well. Please do the same even if we have different opinions.

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With the articles, I agree with it. πŸ™‚

Hoped you enjoyed my post!

<3 Falada


  1. Hmm, I see I was not the only one rooting for Hwa Gum. Honestly, I think the actress is the reason why this caracter is so touching

  2. To me, she was the best character in the drama! I like Kim so Hyun but her character was boring..When Hwa Goon died I was so disappointed..

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