Happy New Year from Thaywa & Raveet :)

I know it’s been 10-11 days already into the new year, 2018, however, I found these on Fluke (Thaywa) and Jean (Raveet) on their Instagram, and wanted to share with their messages with you all as fans.

Anyway, Happy New Year! 🙂
From Jean Gaewalin Sriwanna (Raveetpriya) & Fluke Jira Danbawornkiat (Thaywa)
Video belong to original owner. I only own the subs.
Sorry for the bad video quality.

Also, if I have time and am kind enough, I will sub their other/older lakorn, Sapai Rod Saab. But if I don’t, then I won’t.

Anyway, enjoy these videos.

<3 Falada & Alisa 🙂