[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.26 (END)

Finished! Happy New Year’s Eve! Probably New Year for some of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone stayed or will stay for countdown? I am!!!

I hoped you all have enjoyed this lakorn (I did, despite all the craziness). Btw, it will be nice to get feedback on this lakorn. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it?

For me, I don’t have much opinions on it, but I don’t regret subbing this lakorn at all. It drives me crazy at times with some characters such as Pring, her mom, and Da. However, there were wonderful scenes and chemistry between our main leads. I love their scenes, especially with Tawan. The side couples’ stories were okay, I wish they were better developed though, but then there wouldn’t be enough focus on our main leads. The rais already took up a lot of time. Overall, I think this lakorn was great. ๐Ÿ™‚

But anyway, with the new year, don’t forget to tell your love ones, ‘I love you’, because as you can see in here, if Thaywa didn’t wear the bulletproof vest, he might have been dead. So show a lot of love your your love ones and spend a lot of time with them (I know I will!) ๐Ÿ˜€

<3 Falada


  1. thanks for the final episode! Although, who just keeps chains around their house like that?

  2. Why they didn’t call a amulance. I liked Mekla. Thank you for subbing the complete lakorn. Happy New Year

  3. Wow. Really like how this one ended. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to work on these subs. It is great to be able to enjoy them in english. This story was really sweet and exciting all at the same time. Made me groan when Da and Pring kept messing up such a good relationship. But was glad to see them work it out in the end. Looking forward to your next project.

  4. thank you for subbing for last episode…but i wish for more oh well, the ending still satisfying…happy new year.

  5. Thank You..Cannot wait to watch all ep..Looking forward to your next project..

  6. Thank you for this series (but I must say, I’m impressed, that must me difficult to sub this fast 0_o)

  7. The Lakorn was very good, it had a little of everything, although I have to admit I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any just consequences for Pring’s nastiness. Overall very good and you are great for sharing your time and subbing talents with us Thank you! Happy New Year from Monterey County,California.

  8. I wonder if anyone knows the song playing at the end? The one with a guy singing. Thanks.

  9. Thank you soooo much for your hard work!!
    The end did seem a little rush but it was dragging a bit in my opinion, so it had to end.

    Does anyone know if Sapai Rod Saab is being subbed??

  10. Overall I really like this drama. Great chemistry with the lead actors. I like Tawan sweet character. She was a joy to watch. I had a hard time watching Da and Pring. Thank you again for subbing.

  11. Thanks for the great work in finishing the subbing. Overall the drama was great, the chemistry between the main leadd was excellent between Mekla should not be the one to die instead should be Pring. Have a small scene showing Pring in prison would be great.

  12. Thanks so much for subbing this one. While I liked it for the most part, the ending was just plan crazy and poorly written at the end. Who keeps a chain and handcuffs around the house and why does everyone stand around when people get shot at, call 911, a doctor, the police something. As for Pring, I wish they had reformed her at the end or had her realize how her own actions made things go wrong. Even at the end, she didn’t take responsibility for her actions. None of the bad guys did. I did stay with it til then so thank you for subbing until the end. I hope you take on more project because you are good and much appreciated.

  13. Loved this Lakorn, thank you so much for subbing it! The leads had soo much chemistry together and there were real kisses for a change! Tawan was really sweet and cute and i liked Raveet the best she wasn’t a doormat like most thai female leads. Pring and her mum made my blood boil at times and Da should have had proper psychiatric help earlier on.Once again great job in subbing and look forward to anyother projects you do!!

  14. Thank you so much for subbing this drama. The leads chemistry were amazing.
    Can you sub raeng tawan please…

  15. Thank you for sharing this great Lakorn. I really like it. Only thing, I don’t sympathize Da. She was too selfish and self centered, at least, with Pring, her mother pushed and raised her that way; Da just outright selfish, even to her family till the end. They should have let Mekla live and kill off Da instead.

  16. I like this drama from the begining episode

    But the dumbess thing s are why she is too easy to forgive a cheating husband? And after she finds out a reason why he.married her but she still can forgive him, again…

    Omg, i dont know if she too kind or too stupid
    And i dont like the ending which give so many dead people scene…

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