[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.24

Another episode done! Only 2 more episodes, and I hope to wrap it up for this year because there’s only two days left! NR will be wrap up the hopefully the first week of January, that is my part because Alisa will still edit it later on.

Anyway, for this episode, the first part was really cute and then it all went downhill. All I can hope is that in the next episodes, most problems will be resolve. Gosh, I’m so angry at Da for telling Raveet that Thaywa is disgusted and doesn’t love Raveet at all. That is so untrue. Thaywa loves her to death, and by first glance too. Next episode, ep.25, Da will know the truth, and hopefully she feels guilty for what she put her brother and Raveet through.
I’ve read some comments made by people who finished this raw, and the comments weren’t very pleasing about the ending. But I’m still enjoying this lakorn very much by the way. What do y’alls think? Please do share comments and thoughts! šŸ˜€

Anyways, enjoy! ^^

<3 Falada



  1. This is a great story. Thank you so much for taking your time to subtitle so others can enjoy.

  2. that davika she’s so selfish and greedy she wants to control of thaywa’then thaywa should be smarter than that,her sister wants to ruin his life too.i like darin she’s smart to figure out of what’s goin’ between thaywa and raveet….thank you for subbing you did good job big thumbs up!!!! and wait for 2 more episode…you make our day subbers….thanks

  3. Tnx sooooo much dear Falada for all your hard work šŸ™‚

    I love this lakorn as well

    Last 2 eps, i saw it raw (i did it with all eps till i found out your site…pathetic rigth?…but what can i do eng subs was nowhere on site and main OTP cought my eye šŸ˜‰ )…people might not like coz they left resolving with Nimman and Pring for the very end and it looks like a bit of a mess…with not enough sweet scenes of our lovebirds…but i like it anyway šŸ™‚

    Da is reallly something :rollleyes: …never to think Prasin might have some guilt here as well…and as selfish as she is twds her bro is unforgivable…he raised her child, was there for her all the time…while she was thinking only about herself…she’s really a spoiled brat!…Rin&Manat r sooooo cute….loved he left his father and Nimman for her…he wasn’t comfortable with their cheating approach anyway…OTP here has great chemistry…i’d love to see them in some new project together

  4. I love the scene at the flower garden especially with Tawan posing while taking pictures. She is a natural model. I hope to see her more in another drama. Thank you for taking your time to sub for us. Happy Holiday and wishing you a great New Year.

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