[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.23

I might not be able to post for tomorrow (I will be going somewhere all day) so I finished the episode. I might not be able to post up NR ep29 either, sorry. ^^
So glad that Thaywa is trying to get forgiveness from Raveet. And that they’re finally understanding again. The first half of the next episode looks promising, but not the other half. There will be another problem! Anyway, please do share thoughts and comments. I hope you’re enjoying this, only 3 more episodes.
<3 Falada



  1. I am angry they didn’t kill Da off or send her to mental ward, and pring in jail along her greedy mother

  2. thaywa is the most useless man I have ever seen always listening her his crazy sister and Raveet’s prostitute sister instead of listening to his wife

  3. Da is so obsessed in hurting Raveet, she is so so blind to see the real Raveet who she really is, but to come up with false and wrongful accusation towards her, then you have Theywa he’s not much help he should be looking for the real truth behind Prasin death and the events that led him to die that way, it may surprise him…..

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