[ENG SUB] Naree Rissaya Ep.25

Again, only half done, the other half will be done tomorrow. No JL for tonight, sorry!

But what I’ve subbed so far, it really annoyed me, Sirikanya and Nida. I do blame Sirikanya for triggering Nida’s bad attitude. But she will pay for it soon. Gosh, I’m so angry at Nida for ordering everyone around. I’m not calm and loving like Napat (I wish, lol). But while subbing, I was so angry at Nida and Sirikanya. We need more scenes of Saiparn with Poodit. I know Poodit is such a jerk, but I still ship him with Saiparn.
Please do share thoughts!

Thanks to timers: Judith and Nadia. 🙂
Another round of thanks to Nadia for hardsubbing and uploading BRSK!

<3 Falada

Sorry for any errors, I lost my earphones, so will need to find/replace them tomorrow. It’s crucial for subbing because I need to hear!


OTher half done!! This might be the only update for today, as I am still recovering. Enjoy! ^^ And do share thoughts.


Off topic, but please answer! Does any of you want to watch Mongkut Rissaya? If yes, we will hardsub it, if no, then we will not.