[ENG SUB] Naree Rissaya Ep.25

Again, only half done, the other half will be done tomorrow. No JL for tonight, sorry!

But what I’ve subbed so far, it really annoyed me, Sirikanya and Nida. I do blame Sirikanya for triggering Nida’s bad attitude. But she will pay for it soon. Gosh, I’m so angry at Nida for ordering everyone around. I’m not calm and loving like Napat (I wish, lol). But while subbing, I was so angry at Nida and Sirikanya. We need more scenes of Saiparn with Poodit. I know Poodit is such a jerk, but I still ship him with Saiparn.
Please do share thoughts!

Thanks to timers: Judith and Nadia. 🙂
Another round of thanks to Nadia for hardsubbing and uploading BRSK!

<3 Falada

Sorry for any errors, I lost my earphones, so will need to find/replace them tomorrow. It’s crucial for subbing because I need to hear!


OTher half done!! This might be the only update for today, as I am still recovering. Enjoy! ^^ And do share thoughts.


Off topic, but please answer! Does any of you want to watch Mongkut Rissaya? If yes, we will hardsub it, if no, then we will not.


  1. I do agree that they should have more scene of Saipan and Poodit.

    Knowing Nida is psychologically disturbed and also a danger to the family especially those who she thinks is a treat to her may not be the correct solution to allow her to be treated at home. There must be someone with her all the time and that person should be with authority. Looking back, a lot of time Serikanya had the opportunity to sneak in and disturb the thoughts of Nida. Whilst Nida on the other had the opportunity to plan with Ab without anyone knowing. Sometimes I wonder whether Nida is really crazy or just faking being crazy because there are now some obstacles for her in getting Poodit back in the normal way. She goes crazy each time anyone mention Saipan and Poodit. I think she should let go and stop being selfish and unreasonable. Her selfishnesses is actually the cause of the problem.

  2. Watching Nr raw, I used to think that Nida went crazy, because of the way she grew up, in a house where not being the beloved one meant being treated like saparn or her mother. With the subs ( thanks again for the hard work <3) Falada) I also wonder whether she is crazy or crazily furious that someone went against her wishes. We saw her manipulate her father, using charm or tears to get all she wanted. She still use tears and guilt to try to manipulate Poodit, who do not respond well to orders. And the way she talk to her mother and brother, indeed, she thinks she 's the owner of the house, the big Boss. But then, they still obey and adore, so is she really wrong?
    Crazy or faking it, she really is like her father.

    the worst still is poodit, behaving like an *ss, even though he knows how unfair and wrong it is of him to hurt saparn, he keeps punishing her for his guilt. Poor girl, indeed, will someone ever sincerely care for her?

  3. A good actor can make you love or hate their character. I truly hated the father for the way he treated both his daughters. One could do no wrong, the other could do no right. It was a surprise twist when the one who could do no wrong was the one who exacted punishment on him, though accidentally. It was not a surprise that the one who could do no right forgave. All she had wanted all along was for him to love her too.
    Thank you for a great job translating for us. I love Thai lakorns and have watched just about every one on Jasmine’s list. Got spoiled benging them though so it’s hard to wait for the next episode. Just take all those requests for the next episode as complements. I appreciate you keeping us fans in the loop as to why some lakorns aren’t being translated as quickly as we would like. Thank you. Please know and don’t doubt that your hard work on our behalf is appreciated more than you can imagine.

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