[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.21


Seriously, how can Thaywa not trust in his wife? Even Rin tries to get rid of his suspicions on Raveet. And Risa, yes I’m starting to dislike her!

More drama and mistrust in this part. Next ep, Pring and Da will work together to bring Raveet and Thaywa apart along with Nimman. I just hope it past by quickly because I want to see sweet scenes, not these. I feel bad for Manat; he really wants to be with Rin. His family doesn’t really care for him, so he doesn’t care for them as well. As for Rin, her family loves and adores her.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Right now, I’m on team #Raveet, LOL.

<3 Falada


  1. He is something else , begged her to believe him about Praiy ” however you spell her name” that nothing happen and know what , his biting on his own tong . DOUBLE TALK

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