[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.20

Can’t believe I subbed up to episode 20 already! It sure went by fast!

It’s a good thing Raveet forgave Thaywa so fast and I don’t have to go through episodes of them misunderstanding each other. But then Risa, no, she’s going to help Nimman and betray Thaywa! Anyway, how do you feel about the lakorn so far?

LOve how Thaywa and Raveet are back together and the scene was so cute!! The scenery was so pretty. LOL I thought the scene will be outside at a park of something, not their bedroom. 🙂 Risa, oh, Risa, why did you do this to Thaywa? I understand that she’s doing it because she thinks Nimman loves her, but this girl is so blind. Since I’m subbing this and Naree Rissaya, I felt that Da and Nida resemble each other, don’t you agree?

I haven’t have my first final yet, but it will be tomorrow. I’m really nervous, but I can do it. Su, su (fighting)! 🙂

If there’s problems with hardsubs, I do apologize.

<3 Falada



  1. I really like this drama. The chemistry of the two lead actors are great. I am very disappointed with Risa and her betrayal. Nimman is using her. He will leave her once he gets want he wants. Wish you luck on your final. I know you will do well. What are you majoring in and what degree are you going for? Education is very important.

  2. Hopefully Pring will expose Risa’s relation and stop them/ Thank you for the sub.

  3. Good luck with the finals, I’m sure you will preform great, thank you for sub, I’m cheering for you

  4. Thanks for subbing! Best of luck on your finals! I can’t wait to see how this lakorn will end.

  5. why i may not read the english sub please try to fix it please

  6. Love how the main leads interact with each other. Hope they make up soon.

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