[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.19

Sorry, I have first half of Ep.19 done only, the other half will get done soon!

But anyway, Da was so mean here to Thaywa. He’s her brother, not servant that she can order around! Hopefully Pet will help her become aĀ  better person so she can stop ordering Thaywa around. I do want Thaywa and Raveet to have a child together, though, that will be nice. (However, probably not šŸ™ )
This part, we get a little background knowledge of Prasin and Da’s story. I do feel a bit bad for Da and mad at Prasin for keeping her in the dark and letting her imagination round free about Raveet. And no, why did Pring have to do this to Raveet? Hopefully Thaywa and Raveet will makeup in the next episode. I haven’t watch the other episodes so I don’t know either, what will happen. But hope those of you who are caught up are still enjoying the show.

PS: Looks like this lakorn will end with 26 episodes. This video is hardsubbed by me, and since it’s my first time, there may be mistakes (sorry!).

<3 Falada



  1. WoW, thank you. I know eng sub is hard work. Thank you for making posible to understand the story

  2. Thanks for the wonderful work. Your hard work is appreciated.

  3. Good luck on your exams and thanks for taking the time to do these subs so we can enjoy these dramas also.

  4. Got English subs so I can understand the story better as I watched live on thaich8 until epi 22 but very hard to know with only thai .tThank you

  5. Falada, your first attempt at hard sub is excellent. We are very appreciative of your hard work. Yes, I agree with you that Da is very mean to her brother. She puts so much pressure on him. I feel so sorry for Raveet. What if she is pregnant now since she did not take any protection.

    • have you forgotten ravee never likes her dad becoz he had affair with pring motheer and her mother had to leave home ravee will never get together with thaywa becoz she saw in her own eyes.she will break up with him.but the biggest set back for da will be her daughter tawan she will never accept da as her mother.i want ravee ‘s brother to take revenge for what he played with two sisters life and teach da a perfect lesson .da slept with ravee’sboyfriend had a child she thought if she as a child he will come to her but she lost so she turned towards ravee telling ravee is the reason.he died but prasin died he was ashamed that ravee finds out his love for her will be fake……….there is also ifeel da took a child to revenge ravee and she is not prasin child…..why say this is no mother will break up her child and leave another person raise the child the bond his high and also if she prasin child and if she truly loved prasin she will keep tawan close to her and think only good for her no mother wants bad things happening to her child so i suspect ihope da dies at atlast and pring and her mother lands in jail and ravee will havea child with thaywa and raise it alone ,and thaywa will be her first rival in business well…………..

  6. Wow such dedication to us fans but exams are important, take your time, Best wishes and good luck. Thank you.

  7. good luck for you and us in exams ^^
    Hope full marks for all of us.

  8. thanks friend for subing you know after reading ur subs we argue at home who is wrong who is right if the script was written like this better….what i dont like in these lakhorns is that they show women as so cheap only good for………..that women are powerful they rule the world all speres ,they dont need a man .if you take dramas like that women will be respect as equals.writer and director do uknow ur mother sister daughter are also a women so dont potrait women so cheap .youknow what we say educate agirl child the whole family properous but man only her benefits………..thanks guys again ienjoyed the subs.

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