[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.11

1st post for November! 🙂
I decided just to use CH8’s video pictures since I’m kinda lazy to find pics.

Not much for Episode 11, but what do y’all think? BUT she said YES! Although we all know they both have their reasons to get marry. Hopefully more chemistry! Please do share thoughts! 🙂 Enjoy!
Have a great weekend and wish the best for y’all. LOL I just finished with my math exams. Thanks for all support and patience. It is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I catch up soon, still got eps12-14, so 3 more eps. Ep.12 is subbed and on it’s way!

Thanks to Nadia for hardsubbing! The hardsubs were done, but I accidentally deleted it, so we’ll have to wait. There’s softsubs for now, but if you cannot see it then I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait. Be sure that captions is on! If there’s errors, then please notify me but I cannot guarantee that I can fix it all.

<3 Falada



  1. There are no english subtitle, please put english subtitle at least we can understand. Thank you for all your hardwork.

  2. Oh sorry, i found the caption, i can see english subtitle. Thanks so much ! Now i am waiting to see episode 12, 13, 14, 15…etc

  3. hello, I would like to know what the song called? I’ve been looking all over but can’t find it, someone help? And thank you for subbing! fighting!

  4. I’m sorry I still cannot find the caption buttons. If anyone knows please help

  5. Captions button isn’t activated. Where is the English sub? soft or hard sub I can’t find any of them. please. I really can’t understand what’s going on. Kindly help to fix the problem. I know that you are busy and need support for you school that’s why I’d like to thank you for your effort.

  6. Thanks I changed my browser and I found the option of captions button activated. Thanks so much 😀

  7. Thumbs up for the team for the quick subbing. Am indeed grateful. 🌻🌻

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