[RE-EDIT] Revenge Love Intro

It’s been so long since I wrote. I’ve already wrote this story but I am just re-editing everything. And since BTS is now my bias, I will change it to them. 🙂
Wanna read the older verison? Link: https://faladascreations.com/category/revenge-love/page/4/
I know it will be hard to keep up with writing but these days, I’ve been having a burning passion to write again. Since I can’t write much, I will just edit. 🙂

This FF belong to me. So please don’t take any. These are for you to enjoy!

This FF includes some BTS members, females are entirely up to the reader to decided who they want it to be. 🙂 Also, I won’t have a poster so it’s entirely up to the reader’s imagination, I don’t want to put up images and expect anyone to look like the character lol. My bias is Rap Monster, so I will make him the leading man. Not all BTS members are chosen, sorry (LOL Just realized I picked all the Kims). Have fun with this FF, it may not be the best but it was my first FF. I do apologize for any errors; I’m not the greatest writer, lol.

LOL I know they don’t fit these roles. I mean look at them, just so sweet…

Revenge Love
Kim Namjoon- a rich businessman that doesn’t like to show off his wealth. He is in love with Lee Cho Hee yet she rejects his love.
Lee Hana- a quiet and shy girl who lives behind her sister, Lee Cho Hee’s shadow. She is brillant and hates getting into conflicts.
Lee Cho Hee- the selfish and beautiful older sister of Lee Hana.
Kim Seokjin- a rich businessman and also the boyfriend of Lee Cho Hee. A competitor to
Kim Kyung Mi- the spoiled sister of Namjoon.
Kim Taehyung- paired up with Kyung Mi. He is caring and funny.

Kim Namjoon fell in love with Lee Cho Hee. But she doesn’t take an interest in him and used him instead. Cho Hee only liked Kim Seokjin because he is a rich guy. Cho Hee didn’t know that Namjoon was also a rich guy. When Namjoon found out, he was angry and decided to get revenge. He wanted to hurt Cho Hee by pretending to love her sister, Hana. However, Namjoon always annoyed Hana. Whenever Namjoon is near Cho Hee, he will make her jealous. Hana disliked the war between him and her sister. She wanted to put in end to it however, it will not end easily.

Namjoon forced Hana to do stuffs she disliked.

Later on, he started to fall for her.

Kim Kyung Mi is Nam Joon’s spoiled sister. She loves to have fun and doesn’t care about anything until she mets Kim Taehyung. Then she started to change for the better.