[ENG SUB] Naree Rissaya Ep.18

Episode 18…
The dad, my goodness. How can he be so cruel even when knowing she’s pregnant. And Sirikanya’s evil plan. It’s good that she did it because now, we Poodit&Saiparn shippers will get to watch. 🙂
Hope you’ll enjoy the episode.

<3 Falada

playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAlHaH2i8Map_kovN_gDIVi844knBOC7l


  1. Again, many thanks.
    I have no words for the dad. He ‘s so bad.
    I do not understand sirikanya’s thoughts process. She wants a man, rich, famous and with good reputation, so she makes him loose reputation, and échange a woman for a woman+a child.
    Still, have you seen that smile on poodit face as he was secretly watching sapairn ? I liked napat-sapairn, but it’s definitely time to start shipping those two together. Plus sapairn needs to be loved, napat would have been nice, but he loves nida. I think poodit is already half in love with everything he saw of sapairn, while he was watching her secretly.

  2. Thanks for the subbing. Understanding the dialog makes the drama more interesting and meaningful.

  3. thanks for subbing, I like this lakorn, the actresses and actors are super. I really dislike the stupid father. Thanks again for making possible to enjoy another lakorn.

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