[ENG SUB] Ngao Asoke Ep.5

DROPPED: SUBS AVAILABLE @ alwaysmeena’s dailymotion

And the long wait for episode 5 is here.
Subbing this lakorn sure brings back my love for SeanEst, lol. It’s okay, I can still ship them in my world. 🙂
But for this episode, gosh, Morn is so mean to Bpee. She’s actually quite innocent. I feel bad for Por Liang. Idk if he really loves Wat, watching it up to this point but he does seem to be pretty miserable without her….
What do y’all think of this episode? Please do share comments and thoughts, thanks.
Thanks to Judith for timing and Kitkat with the hardsubs.
BTW, this may be my slowest project because it is longer than the other eps and I seriously do not have much motivation with this lakorn. I apologize with that but I will slowly finish it.

<3 Falada


  1. I also enjoyed the 2008 version best; however, it is always good to see new projects and the leads are so cute to watch. Thanks for all your work on all these projects.

  2. I really liked the 2008 version best also. This one is cute, but he is not nearly as scary as the original 2008 version. They are just too cute. Please work on this when you feel motivated again. I would love to see the ending.

  3. please continue subbing this lakorn. I really like the old version and wanted to see if again with Ester and Sean since they have such awesome chemistry.

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