[ENG SUB] Jai Luang Ep.5

Happy first day of September!

So Da is back and now the revenge is starting to roll… no, we need more sweet scenes. But I’m glad that Raveet is strong and won’t let this little drawback get to her. So strong! And Thaywa, still using Tawan so he can see Raveet, and their little bribe lol. And we also find out that Tawan isn’t Thaywa’s child but Da and Prasin. Seriously, if Prasin doesn’t love Da, how can they have a child? That’s a big strange to me.
And looks like our other two couples are emerging. Can anyone guess who?

Thanks to Kitkat for the hard subs. Nadia is on vacation, so I wish she’ll have lots of fun.
Hope you’ll all enjoy this episode. 🙂

<3 Falada

PS. Yes, yes, I’m still working on Ngao Asoke, Naree Rissaya and Mongkut Rissaya except I’m just a bit excited for Jai Luang so finishing and releasing it first. Don’t worry, I will get them done and post them when I have time. Thanks to all your support. You asked for the website but I don’t particularly know what it’s called. But if you do see any such sites, do report them. I’ve tried contacting Dramacool but they didn’t respond.

But anyway, enjoy this episode. 🙂



  1. Its great to know that you are going to continue to sub naree risaya and ngao asoke. Non thai speaking fan like me and others am indeed greatful to be able to understand the dialog in the frama. Thumbs up to the team.

  2. Thank you very much for the Eng sub. Non-Thai speaking fan like me is really grateful that we are able to enjoy eng subbed Thai Lakorn.

  3. I am from the philippines and im so fond of thai lakorn. Thank you very much for subbing. 😉

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