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Hey y’all.

While browsing on YouTube, I came across this Ch8 lakorn, ใจลวง Jai Luang (Lying Heart). I watched the first and second episodes and found it pretty interesting. Sadly, I can’t read Thai and only understand what they’re talking about, so I don’t have that much details.
But here is the summary I have so far of what I think it’s about.
Raveet and Pring are cousins, however Pring is envious of Raveet because Raveet have everything ( a good job, good looks, good house, good car and even the most perfect boyfriend, Yemaan). Pring and her mom tried to take away everything Raveet have because of their jealous. Raveet doesn’t like them either because Pring’s mom was the reason her mother left the house. Thaywa is a single father with a daughter, Tawan. He fell in love at first sight with Raveet however, Raveet think that he is a irresponsible father and a player and did not like him.
Also, Raveet had a history with Prasin (Idk what they were to each other, it wasn’t clear) who is the boyfriend/husband of Da, Thaywa’s sister. Da hated Raveet and blamed her for the death of Prasin. She wants Raveet to be in pain also. (I think later on, she tells Thaywa to do something to her and maybe that’s why they got married (?)) So now he’s torn between helping out his sister or being with the one he loves?

So characters (I hope that I spelt their lakorn names right because I couldn’t really hear it):
Jean Gaewalin Sriwanna as Raveetpriya (Raveet)
Fluke Jira Danbawornkiat as Thaywa
Fang Pitchaya Srithep as Pringpin (Pring)
Puri Hiranpruk as Yemaan
Same main girl from Mongkut Rissaya. And Fang and Puri, lol it has been a while since I see their lakorns. But they’re evil in this. I wish fang will get more nang’ek roles than nangrai. Hopefully she turns good afterwards. 🙂
But so far, it’s interesting. Do you think I should sub it? Does it sound interesting? Please share opinions. 🙂 That’ll be great.

If I do sub it, I’m excited because it will be my first on-air subbing project. 🙂

Here are the translated teasers:
playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAlHaH2i8MarXQ61NWXw-x8nzMwSVdimz

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  1. Estou apaixonada pela drama ou serie… no Brasil chamamos novela! Por favor, legendas em português ou espanhol.

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