Feng Qiu & Dong Hua Fanmade

So yeah, it has certainly been a while since I edited videos. I have started on this video a while ago but did not have the chance to finish. I have been in love with Ten Miles of Peach Blossom for so long but because I’ve been busy, I haven’t been able to edit much. I’m so glad to get this video done.
I think that this song fits Feng Qiu and Dong Hua’s story a lot, like what he did to her. Made her fall in love when he himself is also falling in love. I think Dong Hua can do so much better than that. I mean he is a high god and ex-ruler of heaven and earth. But I still believe that their is more to their story. I have not read the Pillow Book yet so I don’t know the differences.

But here is the fanmade. Enjoy it!
Videos are not my own and belong to it’s rightful owner(s). I only own editing. And I’m sharing this for fun only, not meant to do other things.

By the way, I hope to make one for Bai Qian and Ye Hua also, but I can’t find any songs fitting for them. I want to edit so much but not much time…


LOL It’s August, my birthday month… but school is starting again. And I just got back from camp….