[ENG SUB] Mongkut Rissaya Ep.12

And another episode. 🙂 I hope that you all are enjoying this show. Macy and her caretaker Vicki are so annoying! And so is her voice and accent. This girl can’t speak Thai or English properly.
By the way, as you’ve notice there are a lot of gays (or katoeys, in Thai). Maybe you don’t know this, but in Thailand there are a lot of katoeys. You may have seen it before in other lakorns but I think this one especially have a lot of them, 4 of them mainly now which are Keethi, Limon, Grace and Vicki. In Thailand, katoeys are respected liked anyone else and not really treated with indifference. Just a fact I wanted to share.
And another fact. Did you know about Miss Universe and Miss Thailand? Did you know that the actress who acted for Fah, whose real name is Faii Weluree Ditsayabut, actually won Miss Thailand 2014 and was going to go onto Miss Universe, but she gave up her position? LOL How cool is that? Pretty cool I say. 🙂
But for this episode, I did encounter a lot problems while subbing this episode. There were some phrases and words I’m not sure of. So I truly apologize if there are errors and if some of my sentences don’t make sense.
Special thanks to the timers: Judith, Nadia and Jak. 😀 Thank them very much.
<3 Falada

playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAlHaH2i8Map9aj4H9eBuGS8QkWhksC0X

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  1. i want to thank you for all your efforts so that we can see such nice lakorns..wishing you all the best

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