Behind the Characters’/Actors’ Names of Nraug Yaj Caiv Plawv

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So this post will be just more about the names of meanings of characters and the actors of the movie series Nraug Yaj Caiv Plawv.

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I will start with the characters. I will put the ones I’ve also explained also.
Behind the characters’ names of Nraug Yaj Caiv Plawv:

Tub Ruam/ Tou ___:
Tub= son
Ruam= dumb
Basically, they call him “Dumb boy”, but it it’s not rude or meant to be mean/bad in Hmong as it may sound in English. Even his loving mother calls him that.

Zuag Paj
/Zoua Pa:
Zuag= comb
Paj= flower
So basically “Comb Flower” right? Not exactly in Hmong, but it’s kind of complicated and weird. It’s a very beautiful name in Hmong and a popular name because it is the name of the protagonist in one of the well known Hmong folklore called Zuag Paj thiab Ntsuag (Zoua Pa and Orphan (literal translation)).

Tsheej Yim
 / Tou Chang Yi:
Tsheej: No specific meaning
Yim: No specific meaning
Tsheej is one of the clan names, but can be use in a name. It doesn’t particularly have a meaning by itself like this but does if you add other words to it. It can be a first name by itself. Yim is the same as Tsheej, however, it is not a clan name. It can also be a name by itself.

 / Yer:
Ntxawm: Usually refers to the last daughter of the family.
This name is also very beautiful. It is a well known and use name because the last daughter of the family usually are named this. However, this is also the name of the female protaganist of a popular Hmong folklore called Nuj Nplhiab (Nu Plai) thiab (and) Ntxawm (Yer).

Choj / Cha:
Choj: bridge (In Green Hmong though, it can also mean ‘blanket’)
This is also a name. It may be weird that Hmong people name their kids after these, but it’s natural in Hmong.

Paj Dib / Pa Di (Dee):
Dib= cucumber, watermelon, melon (a lot of meanings but it means this type of fruit lol, I know it’s weird)
Despite meaning “Flower Cucumber”, it indeed is a beautiful name in Hmong.

Yujin / Yu – Jin:
This name does not sound Hmong so it doesn’t have meanings. In fact, I’m sure it isn’t even Hmong. Sounds more like Chinese or Korean.

Pheej / Pheng:
Pheej: No exact meaning.
Popular Hmong name for boys.

Nkauj Xwb Xis Xaj / Gao Xu Si(See) Sa
Nkauj: maiden, female (Can also mean ‘song’, but not the case here)
Xwb: self (kind of)
Xis: a female name
Xaj: no exact meaning
Her name is long, usually, Hmong names don’t tend to be this long. But this indeed is a Hmong names because it contains Hmong words. You can look at this name from a few different point of views. ‘Nkauj Xwb’ can be a name by itself, meaning maiden. Boys usually call girls this, especially during the New years when they start courting. ‘Xis’ is popular and frequently use name for female and can be use by itself. I’m not really sure about ‘Xaj’ however.

These are names I did not mention in my reviews, but I still want to share with you all. 🙂

Xeev Laus / Seng Lo:
Xeev: no exact meaning
Laus: old
This is not a name, but a title. It is given to the villiage chief. Thus the villiage chief will be called ‘Xeev Laus’ when he comes into office and not by his name, just like the mayor of a city.

Kab Yeeb / Ka Yeng:
Kab: bugs
Yeeb: usually means opium,  but not all the time (Me: uncomfortable)
This is also a common name for a Hmong male.

Okay now, onward to the actors’ names (No, it’s not all of them):

Nkauj Suabyi Yaj / Gao Soua-yee Yang (Paj Dib):
Nkauj: Nkauj: maiden, female (Can also mean ‘song’, but not the case here)
Suabyi: Suab: sound  /  Yi: no meaning . Even though they are together, but it have no meaning together.
Yaj: Her clan name. She is really a Yang.
quite a mouthful. Hmong names are usually not this long. But her name is quite unique and beautiful. It’s not a common name though.

Cag Nuj Tsim Thoj / Ca Nu Chi Thao (Tub Ruam/Yujin):
Cag: No meaning.
Nuj: No meaning.
Tsim: No meaning.
Thoj: His clan name / one of the 18 clans. (Whew! So glad he wasn’t the same last name as the female protagonist in Tiam (lifetime) 2)
Also a uncommon name. I don’t really understand his name that much. But the ‘Nuj Tsim’ of his name is pretty common and popular for boys to be named after.

Qaib Dib Ham / Kai Di Hang (Xeev Laus):
Qaib: chicken, rooster, chicks
Dib: cucumber, watermelon, melon
Ham: His clan name / one of the 18 clans (And no, it’s not HAM, it’s HANG)
His name is weird, I know. ‘Chicken Cucumber’, huh? But this guy is a pretty popular Hmong actor in Thailand right now.

Choj Tsham Miv Yaj / Cha Chang Me Yang (Choj):
Choj: bridge (In Green Hmong, it’s ‘blanket’)
Tsham: No meaning. But can be a clan name, one of the 18. Can be spell Tsab.
Miv: cat
Yaj: His clan name / one of the 18 clans
His name is uncommon. However, the ‘Tsham’ part of his name is a clan name and can be use as a first name by itself. This guy is also a popular Hmong actor in Thailand.

Npis Vwj / Bee Vue:
Npis: I don’t know, but it sounds similar to Npib, which means coin.
Vwj: His clan name / one of the 18 clans

Npawb Hawj / ____ Her:
Npis: I don’t know, but it I think it means ‘buddy’
Vwj: His clan name / one of the 18 clans

Paj Yaj / Pa Yang:
Paj: flower
Yaj: Her clan name / one of the 18 clans.
A pretty common name for girls.

Maiv Yaj Vaj / Mai Yang Vang:
Maiv: girl
Yang: Clan name but can be use as name or second word to name.
Vang: Her clan name / one of the 18 clans.

Some words I cannot spell in English, and I apologize for that. The sound makes it difficult.
So here are the clans mentioned so far in this movie series: Yaj (Yang), Vaj (Vang), Vwj (Vue), Hawj (Her), Ham (Hang), and Thoj (Thao). Six out of 18. Do you want to know them all? Here you go: Hmong Clan Names . Hopefully you have learned something while reading this.
Thank you for reading. I enjoyed sharing this information with you all.

P.S. Some of the words I put ‘no meaning’ because they don’t have a meaning by them self. They usually need a word added to add meaning to it. There are a variety of words you can add to them thus they have a variety of meanings. It all depends on what word you add to it.


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