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“I am willing to let go of the world for you. I am willing to shed my armor for you.”- General and I OST, Henry Huo

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Started: (LOL I don’t remember)
Finished: Either July 2nd or 3rd

My thoughts: I love love this drama so much. It had wonderful songs. I especially like the opening by Henry Huo. I start reading the book also, but then I didn’t finish. I love the drama so much because of Chu Bie Jie. He loved Bai Ping Ting so much and I was just so amazed by it. Typically this is not my type of drama but then I love this so much. LOL I’m stuck in historical/fantasy world right now. This drama wrecked so many emotions in me. The title doesn’t express this drama well enough. Actually when I first heard of this drama, I thought that it was going to be boring. But I was wrong. I love Angelababy and Wallace Chung. I love how they were both so intelligent and manipulative in the drama.
Well, these are my thoughts for it now. I should have wrote about it sooner. 🙂



Okay so now time for gifs! (I do not own anything except for editing. Please do not re-post without permission.) (There may be spoilers.)

Okay, so we will go with Chu Bei Jie and Bai Ping Ting first. There won’t be much gifs because it’s a lot of episodes and I forgotten a bit.

When he had forced her to marry him but she didn’t want to so she poisoned him. He given her the chance to kill him but then she couldn’t.

One of my favorite quote from Chu Bie Jie:

“Listen up. I, Chu Bei Jie, never once betrayed Great Jin. She is Bai Ping Ting. The one you call the spy of Yan State.  Everyone is asking why I’ve defended her even though she poisoned me. She must be a witch who can influence one’s mind. She is no witch. She is my life savior! When I was a child and was treated by others like a plague she reached out to me then and made me believe that there is still compassion and love in this world. For all that I have done was just what a husband would have done to rescue his own wife. How can a man who can’t even protect his wife be qualified to protect his own nation? I am loyal to my emperor. But I’m also faithful to my wife. Should His Majesty force me to kill my own wife, I could only choose to take my own life.

Ping Ting: “You chase and I run. Aren’t you tired, Your Highness?”

An oath to the moon…

And she came to save him…

And finally their wedding…
Don’t worry, he’ll catch you when you fall.

When Chang Xiao finally accepted him as his father… Gosh, this little boy is just too cute!

Behind the scene lol:

Emperor and Empress at last…

And now onto our next couple: He Xia and Yao Tian. Gosh, I dislike them so much, but I can’t help but be amazed by Yao Tian’s undying and unconditional love for He Xia. I’ve never saw anyone loved so strongly.

Their happy times…

She still save him from Chu Bie Jie despite what he did to her. Bring in another woman…

And her showing her undying love to the end…
Another of my favorite quote: “As a princess, I have to poison you. However as your wife, how could I bear to have my husband drink poisoned wine? Of all days in my life, the best thing that happened would be that night… when I first met you in my tent. Ever since I married you, from that moment, I’ve never once regretted it. Today, I still don’t regret it. Since the moment I met you, I could see the pretense in your eyes. However, I’ve fallen irrevocably in love with you. I’m willing to sacrifice my life to realize your ambitions. It’s just that I’m scared that I’ll never see you again. But I know that in my dreams, we will always be together. In my dreams, the world doesn’t matter. There’s only you and me.”
So many gifs for just this one scene. Sorry, to me, this is one of the most beautiful scenes ever.

Gotta say, Chu Bie Jie and Yao Tian loved their partner more. Both of their love for their significant others are both very beautiful. They both are willing to give up everything for the one that they loved. But I highly admired Yao Tian’s more. She is selfish but not when it comes to He Xia. He’s one lucky guy yet he doesn’t realizes it.

The end? What can I say? Angelababy and Wallace Chung are just too stunning! Love them!

<3 Falada