[ENG SUB] Buang Ruk Salak Kaen Ep. 15

Hi, I hope you all will enjoy this episode. It’s okay, but I’m just a bit annoyed with Parn. Why take the risk and get marry to someone you don’t love just to get back at the person you do love, just to be strong? I’m sad for Dut and Patawee, actually, a love that can never be. For Por and Chon, they’re okay for now. I’m actually forgiving Pol for what he did to Parn. Ugghh, and Parn’s mom is so annoying also!

Thanks to timers: Annie, Judith, Nadia and Jak!

PS: Sorry for misspelled words, incorrect grammar usage and/or other incorrect things. Keep in mind, I am a basic subber also, not all the way fluent, and am still learning. Some words I do understand but I just cannot find a way for it, thus making it sound weird in the translations.

<3 Falada