[ENG SUB] Buang Ruk Salak Kaen Ep.14

Yay, another episode done! LOL Today was busy for me so it’s posted kind of late, but I hope you all still enjoy. This episode was okay, but I feel so bad for Dut and Pat. 🙁 I didn’t feel for the other couples as much anymore.

I apologize for any errors. LOL I’m still in the process of learning Thai myself, so all translations are translated to the best of my knowledge.

Special thanks to Judith, Annie, Nadia, and Jak. Yay, another new timer! They’re working really fast on getting the timing done, so thanks to them!

Two of my AP exams done, one more to go which will be English! I hope to do well on it. LOL This coming week, I will be booked, so I will try my best to get episode 15 on time. There’s only 5 more episodes, so I’m happy to finally reaching the ending and finally completing a project.


<3 Falada