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Just watched this movie today on Netflix. It was great but after finishing it, it drained all my emotions and I wasn’t able to feel anything. That it was a great watch was true though and I highly recommend it even though there are many heart-wrenching moments. Losing loved ones… and life changing in a moment without letting one to be able to catch up. In this movie survival is key. The acting was really good. But be warned, it is a movie with zombies and they are actually pretty scary, or it might just be me who is scared, lol.

*I kind of skipped the beginning since I wanted to see the zombies lol. I’m more a zombie type of person than vampires/werewolves. This movie is actually only in one day and about 2 hours long.


1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyWuHv2-Abk

2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d4DACwz49o

*More detailed summary can be found here: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/train-to-busan-2016

Summary: Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) and Su-an, Seok-Woo’s young daughter, rode a train to go see Su-an’s mom in Busan for her birthday. A sick woman then died ( and maybe was infected with the zombie virus) and turned into a zombie. Shen then started eating other people on the train. People started turning into zombies after getting bitten. Others that have not been bitten yet try to escape by going to the back of the train since the front is infect, except the conductor at the front controlling the front. The train then was full of zombies trying to get more people turned into zombies. And non can really escape because most of South Korea is infected. Well, Seok-woo tried to keep him and his daughter safe all this time. They meet people in the train and helped each other out. But everyone is scared and some only cared for their survival… Will both father and daughter make it out alive?

This is pretty scary because there really is no safe place. And when the characters thought that they have arrived in a save place, it actually find out that the place is full of zombies and have to escape from that place immediately. Also, the cities are dead quiet and scary. I wouldn’t want to get out of the train but then the train is also full of zombies ready to tear off ones meat if he/she don’t get out. Pretty scary. edit* 4/1/17: I still have questions about the relationship between Seok-woo and his wife. Like what happened? I know it’s not that significant but then it keeps nagging at me. I know Su-an points out that she left him because he lonely thinks of himself but I don’t think that’s the only reason. And I don’t think that she, Su-an’s mother, is a bad person because she taught her a lot of good things. And I also want to know if Su-an got to live with her mom afterwards. But all this nagging just may be me, being too complex and thinking too much…

Comments about the zombies: I’ve actually watched The Walking Dead and Z Nation and this one. All zombies are pretty different.

The Walking Dead: Zombies don’t really run, but they can smell you. And if you’re using a gun, better be  careful with it because the “walkers” (what zombies are called in the series) can hear very good, from miles away. And after hearing it, they will come instantly to that place. Their senses are pretty good also.

Z Nation: They actually don’t really smell you, but they just have to see you. But if they see you, you better run because they’ll know you’re in there. And maybe they can even sense you. There are different types of zombies. The faster and running zombies are known as the blasters. While the others kinda run and kinda walk and they are called “Z’s”. But there’s Murphy, or his daughter Lucy,in there and if you’re with him ( and don’t get on his nerve) you can probably be saved too since he is the “King of the Zombies”.

Train to Busan: The zombies are fast and always running on their feet. They’re like human-ish, and to escape, running is the only way, no walking. But then if you cover yourself or close yourself in something, and they don’t see you, you’re safe. Even if they see you and you close the door, they’ll stop, unlike the zombies in Z Nation. But it’s hard to kill them, especially if you’re on the train with no weapon.

So a question. If you were stuck in an Apocalypse, which zombies would you want to be with?

I actually enjoy zombie movies because it makes me think about life more. Like you know what if something like this happens? It may not be zombies but something similar. How would I prepare for it? Because everyday, I just live my life normally. But what if one day, it changed dramatically, how will I cope with everything? Because zombie movies starts out as an ordinary day also. It makes me know and understand that I shouldn’t do things I’ll regret and live life to the fullest. It actually humbles me and makes me more grateful because I will not enjoy being in a zombie apocalypse or have my life change so fast.

*edit: 4/1/17, actually re-watching it now, I’m less scared but still excited and jumpy! 🙂 I’m still hung on to this movie and want to watch Seoul Station, which was the prelude to this. But it’s animation and no eng subs for me.

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