[KOREAN] Sound of Your Heart

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A drama series I also got introduced to by my youngest sister. This drama series is fully of comedy and if you need a good laugh, watch it! 🙂 Super awesome, plus there’s Running Man’s Lee Kwang Soo in there, unless you don’t like him. But I like Kwang Soo since watching Running back then. And his a lead here instead of just an extra or not main role like he gets in Hwarang and usually in Song Joong Ki’s dramas.

lol, there family is funny. The boys are kind of idiots. But the mom is awesome, I loved her.

trailers and summary: http://asianwiki.com/Sound_of_Your_Heart

I also recommend this series. As of right now, I’m only on episode 6. But they are short, only about 30 minutes per episode. Good luck! 🙂