Those Painful Moments Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
Eight Years Before…
“Come on, Marilyn. We dare you!” Jessica challenged. “We just want to see if a girl like you can enchant a guy.” The girls laughed at her. Marilyn was tired of their teasing her. She was a girl, but a tomboy. The girls had always made fun of her because no boy had ever look her way in her eighteen years of life. Her mother kept on telling her that it was just not the right time; that when it’s time, a prince charming will come along and swept her off her feet. Of course she didn’t believe in her mother, she never believed in love, never!
“Fine,” Marilyn heard herself agreed. The girls stopped laughing.
“You’re willing to do this?” asked Anne, shocked. Marilyn wasn’t a person to be persuaded easily. Why all of a sudden?
“Yes. I will wear that awful dress and let you girls see that I have just as much charm,” she said with a smile. Kim handed her the dress and she put it on quickly. “Finished?”
“No. There’s still make-up. You need a make-over, girl” said the girls. They just can’t help but notice that Marilyn was prettier in a dress. She was devastatingly beautiful. They dragged her to a chair and got all over her; one applying make-up, the other was styling the hair, and the third, organizing things together. Marilyn stayed still while they fussed over her.
“You look amazing, beautiful!” the girls complimented when they were finished. They rushed her to the full length mirror and had her look at herself. Marilyn stared at the girl in the mirror with unfamiliarity. That girl wasn’t her, she was another person. That girl was beautiful, she wasn’t.
“Is that really me?” Marilyn asked, pointing to her reflected image. The girls smiled at her sweetly and nodded yes. “Wow, I look–beautiful.” She touched her face. The make-up was just right and the hairstyle– she loved every bit of this new her. “Thank you guys!” she hugged all the 3 girls. They weren’t friends, but they were close acquaintances.
“Now, you’re confident?” asked Jessica. Marilyn answered yes. “Well, then go out there and prove to those boys that you’re worth it.” They all laughed and for the first time, Marilyn laughed with them.
“I don’t know, Jessica, Kim, Anne,” whispered Marilyn unsure of herself. She turned around but they were gone. They had ditched her. She walked around with her drink, looking for them. “Don’t leave me guys,” she whispered and tried to keep calm. Walking around, not looking ahead, she bumped into a man, spilling her drink on him.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” apologized Marilyn. She didn’t have anything to wipe the juice off his hand, so she ripped a piece of her dress and wiped his hand with it.
“Thank you Miss,” the man thanked her. All the time, Marilyn repeatedly apologized to him. “What’s your name?” he asked after she was finished cleaning his hand and had given him her full attention.
“Marilyn,” she blurted out without even thinking. “And yours?”
“Isaac. It was nice meeting you, Marilyn,” said Isaac with a smile.
“Yes, nice meeting you, Isaac,” said Marilyn, returning his smile. She stood still and stared at him. The man was handsome, tall, and maybe rich, too.
“Would you mind sharing chatting with me? I mean if you’re alone,” he said, throwing his charming smile at her, making her unable to resist.
“I’m sorry, Isaac, but I have to find my friends.”
“Please, Marilyn, it’ll just be a while. I’m waiting for my friend and it’s bit lonely.”
“I guess,” she answered reluctantly. Isaac and her went to a table and sat down.
“So, Marilyn, you’re here with your friends today?”
“Yes. But they ditched me.”
“Really? Why would they do that?”
She shrugged and then replied, “They just think that it’s funny to play such a joke on me. I was supposed to find a man tonight and prove them wrong.”
“You what?” he asked in surprised. Marilyn covered her mouth with her hand. She had just confided a stranger in her secret.
“Please understand Isaac, this is something very personal and-“
“Maybe I can be the man,” he interrupted with a smile. “Maybe I can help.” She swallowed and looked at him. He was so charming, smiling at her. “You don’t have to worry, Marilyn.”
“That’s not it. It’s just that I’m a tomboy.”
“Really? I don’t find that unlikable. Come on, don’t you want to show your friends that you can do it? Don’t you want to show them that you can enchant a man? Because you have. You have bewitched me, Marilyn. I want you,” he whispered, his mouth next to her ear. His voice was so sexy, so seductive.
“Isaac…” she began but didn’t finish. She wanted this man just as much as he wanted her. But this man was a stranger; she didn’t even know a thing about him beside his name.
Isaac rose and offered his hand to her. She took it without hesitation. “I’ll show you. I will give you pleasure tonight, Marilyn.” They went to his car and Isaac took Marilyn to his condo.
When they’re inside, Isaac showed Marilyn the bedroom. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She moaned against his lips, opening her lips, giving access to him. “I want you so much, Marilyn. Stay with me. Be mine,” he whispered against her lips.
“Yes,” she whispered. For the moment, she only wanted this stranger. This stranger that fascinated her, making her craved for him. She was lifted and dropped onto the bed. Both of their clothes were discarded.
“Let me make love to you, Marilyn,” whispered Isaac.
“Yes,” she mumbled. She knew that she was going to regret it later but for right now, it was the thing she desired for.
The next morning, Marilyn woke up and stretch, but she couldn’t. There was someone in bed with her. She looked around and saw the handsome stranger from the night before. “You are awake,” he mumbled, eyes still close. Marilyn though he was the sweetest thing ever, but then remembered last night.
“Isaac, wake up,” Marilyn shouted and tried waking him up.
“What is it Marilyn?” he asked, sitting up.
“Last night. You and I, we didn’t-“
“Have any protection?”
“Don’t worry. It was your first time. I don’t think that you’ll get pregnant. If you do, I’ll take responsibility, don’t worry, honey,” he assured.
“I think that I need to go. Good bye, Isaac,” said Marilyn. She gathered her clothes and went inside the bathroom. What had just happened? She had gone to bed willingly with a stranger. And now, what will she do? What if she’s already pregnant with this stranger’s child? No, this can’t be happening. She turned on the shower full blasted and went in.
On the bed, Isaac got off the bed and put on his clothes. He smiled, remembering the night before. Marilyn was amazing and beautiful. He was happy to learn that he was her first.
Marilyn opened the bathroom door, fully clothed.
“Good morning,” said Isaac, placing a kiss on her forehead.
“Isaac, let’s get this straight,” said Marilyn.
“What is it?” asked Isaac.
“I think that we should just forget about this and returned to our old life. This was a mistake. And I regret it,” said Marilyn. Isaac stared at her with disbelief. Did he hear her right or was she just being a good girl and faking it?
“Well, I don’t regret it. I thought that it was pretty nice, despite you being a virgin, Marilyn. I’ve never thought that you would have thought that low of it. Okay fine, I’ll give you your wish. Good bye,” he went out of the room and slammed the door. But then came back and said, “Don’t bother paying for the room because I have already. It’s payment for last night.” And then he was really gone. Marilyn slump down to the ground, feeling cheap like a slut. No, she was not going to cry or do anything else to embarrass her more than this. She was going to leave this place and pretend that it had never happened.
Two months later…
Marilyn ran to the bathroom and vomited. She was getting sicker and sicker each day. Rich, her friend waited patiently outside the door for her.
“Are you okay, Marilyn?” asked Rich when she came out of the bathroom.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” answered Marilyn.
“Maybe you should go to the doctor,” he suggested.
“No, no. I’m fine, Rich. See,” she smiled at him.
“You look so pale,” he said in disagreement. “Come on, Marilyn, ever since we’re young til now, I’ve never seen you so sick. I’m taking you to the doctor.”
“No, really, Rich, I’m fine.”
“No buts.” He dragged her into the car and drove to the hospital.
When they got to the hospital, he pulled her out of the car and dragged her in. They went to the nurse at the reception counter and asked to see the doctor. A few minutes went by and Marilyn was called into the room.
“Good morning,” the doctor greeted cheerfully.
“Good morning,” Marilyn greeted her in returned.
“Okay, now tell me about your symptoms,” said the doctor.
“I vomit every morning and these days, I can barely eat. I usually have a big appetite. I sometimes feel like fainting,” she explained.
“It seems that you might be pregnant,” answered the doctor.
“Yes, did you and your husband have any sexual intercourse in the last 2 months?”
“Rich is my friend, not my husband. I don’t know.”
“Well, let’s do a blood test to confirm everything.” The doctor smiled and left her. A nurse came in and took her blood. She went back outside the room and sat next to Rich.
“What did the doctor say?” he asked.
“Nothing yet. They’re testing my blood right now,” she answered without looking at her. Remembering the doctor’s words, she thought back and remembered Isaac. Yes, Isaac and she had slept together. But he had told her that this wouldn’t happen. No, she couldn’t be pregnant. Wait, when was her last period? It was over 2 months ago. No!
“Miss Marilyn, please come in. We have your results.” Marilyn nodded and followed the doctor into the room again. “Congrats, Miss Marilyn, you’re 2 months pregnant! Here’s the prescriptions and information. I’m really happy for you!” Like a robot, Marilyn took the papers and walked out of the place.
“What did the doctor say, Marilyn?” asked Rich, following her.
Marilyn ignored him and got into the car. Rich got into the car and looked at her. “Marilyn, please tell me.”
Marilyn looked him straight in the face. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone?”
“Okay, I won’t tell anyone, promise, Marilyn.”
“I’m pregnant, Rich.”
“What?! With who?”
“With a guy I barely know. I only know that his name is Isaac.”
“My goodness, Marilyn. How could you do that?”
“I don’t know, Rich. It just happen.”
“Calm down, Marilyn. I promise you that I will help you find him.”
“Thanks, Rich.”
That afternoon, they spend time in the public library, on the computer, searching for Isaac. With no luck, they went home.
“Marilyn, don’t worry, I will help you find him. You help when I found out that I wasn’t a real man. You help me get through hard times. I’ll do the same,” encouraged Rich.
“Thank you, Rich, you’re such a good friend. If you were a real man, I would have wanted to get marry with you,” said Marilyn. Rich offered his arms and she went in. They hugged each other.
Marilyn had just taken a shower and sat on her bed. She was still stressed about being pregnant. What would her parents say? They would be really mad at her. She looked at her phone and at the contacts. Should she call her parents and tell them to expect their first grandchild? Or maybe she shouldn’t keep the baby. But her parents had birthed her and she remembered how her father had lectured her and her siblings for hours about how precious a human life is. No, she can’t give up on this child. She have to give the baby a chance. Looking through her contact list, she noticed a strange phone number. It was Issac’s. And then she remembered that he had put his phone number in her phone before they feel asleep. She was thankful right now because there could have been no way for her to find him. There were way too many people in this world for that. She suddenly clicked call unconsciously.
Issac noticed that his phone had rang and answered it on the third ring.
“Hello,” he answered. Marilyn heard his voice and froze. She didn’t know what to say. Issac repeated his hello over and over again but Marilyn did not answered. Annoyed, Issac gave up and ended the call. Marilyn tried again. Issac answered.
“Hey, if you’re not going to answer me then don’t call!”
“It’s me,” Marilyn interrupted.
“And you are?”
“Marilyn?” Issac remembered her and added angrily, “Why did you call me?”
“I have something to talk to you.”
“Okay. Tell me right now.”
“Can we meet up or something?”
“Anywhere will be fine.”
“Okay, we’ll met at my office in the K Company Corps tomorrow at 3. Just tell them that you need to see Issac Connors and they’ll lead you to my office.”
Marilyn hung up. She was proud of herself for calling him but she is still scared of the day to come. What if he wants her to get an abortion? Suddenly, fears ran through her. But a tiny voice fought for him. No, he wouldn’t be that cruel. At least he didn’t seem cruel when they met.
The next day, Marilyn got ready and head toward the K Company Corps. She was very nervous to met Issac again after their last encounter. Was he still mad at her? Doesn’t sound like it though. Oh well, she’ll find out when she meets him again. She arrived at the company, looking at it in amazement. It was one big company. The building have countless stories and it was high up, Marilyn felt that it could almost reach the sky. Issac must had been a pretty rich and smart person to be working at such a place. She knew only the rich and important people can only afford to work at this kind of company. She entered the company and went to the counter.
“Excuse me, but I have an appointment with Issac Connors,” she told the woman behind the counter.
“Yes, he’s expecting you. Go right up this elevator to the top floor,” the woman instructed with a smile.
Marilyn thanked her and head towards the elevator. When she go to the top floor, there was already a man waiting there for her.
“Are you Ms. Marilyn?” he asked kindly.
“Yes,” she said with a nod.
“Please follow me,” he instructed. The man lead her to Issac’s office. Issac was standing next to the window, looking out at the city. The man left her alone with him and suddenly she felt nervous and worried again. Thinking about the baby had given her strength.
“Issac…” she started but didn’t finished. Issac finally turned around and look at her.
“Well, well, what brought you here? I thought that you wanted to forget everything. Why after two months?” he asked.
“There’s a problem…”
“What is it?”
“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out without thinking. After she realized what she had said, she scolded herself in her head. How could she just blurted it like this?
“You’re what?” he asked.
“I’m pregnant,” she repeated and also added, “And it’s yours…”
They stood still and watch each other for a bit, not speaking a word.
“Okay, lets go and sit. We’ll talk it out and come up with something,” said Issac, breaking the silence and awkwardness in the room. Both of them sat down. Marilyn glued her eyes to the ground, not staring at Issac.
“I think we should get marry,” Issac said. It wasn’t really a suggestion or choice, more like a command. Marilyn looked up at him confused. Issac looked dead serious; he was not joking. He was being real.
“Why marriage? We’re practically strangers,” Marilyn complained.
“Would you rather this child go fatherless or even motherless?” Issac challenged.
That silenced Marilyn. No she would not let this child go motherless, but does Issac really want this baby?
“I don’t want to force you. I don’t even know if you want the baby…”
“I want the baby. Understand this Marilyn, it’s not about us anymore. Not about what we want. It’s about this baby. About what he or she will want. We did this so we have to pay the consequences.”
Marilyn was shocked at his words. His words were genuine; she could feel it. He meant every words. She scolded herself about underestimating him. She shouldn’t have judged him so lowly just because he was rich.
“We’ll break the news to our parents and then have our wedding, okay?” Issac said. Marilyn nodded.
Issac stood up and Marilyn followed after him. They were faced to face now. Issac walked to her and hugged her.
“I know that we’re practically strangers and no one ever do this these days. But I hope that you’ll trust me and give me a chance. We may not be in love but I believe that we still have a chance.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and hold her hands. He lead her out to the sun and to the parking lot.
“See you tomorrow,” he said with a smile, so charming that made her fall in love with him deeper. She nodded her head, not saying anything. Issac left and Marilyn stood still, thinking, processing all the things that had just happened. She was going to get marry to a stranger and she was also pregnant with his child too. This was all insane and driving her crazy. How can things go this way? She was too young to fall into this.


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