My Future FFs

I might write these ffs in the future so, look forward to it. πŸ™‚

Sunlight of Love
When it seems like there was no hope for a girl like Nilpatra, a kind soul suddenly came into her life. Her life that is full of darkness. But that kind soul, came to her, and help her understand life, and how it works. Everything was great, great for a blind and hopeless girl like Nilpatra. She was happy for a person to be by her side. Terdnarong help Nilpatra replaced her eyes with a new one that can see the world. The beautiful world that they lived in. Nilpatra was happy that Terdnarong is kind to her. They feel in love, deeply. But Terdnarong also have problems, his problem that desired for revenge. His life might seem like it’s full of light and sunshine, but no it isn’t. It is as dark as Nilpatra’s life before, in his vision. The only time that he’s out of the darkness is when he’s with Nilpatra. She was his sunlight. He was also her sunlight. They were happy for a while. But Terdnarong’s desire to revenge is far more stronger than ever. And finally, he left Nilpatra, and went to his get his revenge. Nilpatra was hurt-ed badly, and once again lose hope in her life. She force herself to face reality and the world all by her lonely self. Later, Terdnarong came back, hoping that everything was still the same, but no it wasn’t. Nilpatra showed only hatred towards him. He try his best to get back together. But it’s hard, since revenge already ruins the faith and love. Does Terdnarong still have hope? Is revenge better than love? Is Nilpatra going to give in?

Couple in Training
Orathai, known as the most spoil-est daughter of the Suksawat family, is going to pair with with Akkanee, also known as the most spoil-est son of the Adisuan family. Excepted though, Orathai and Akkanee hated each other. They want to win over each other, and be called Champion. But their parents want them to be the best couple. Can they do that? Well, of course the Adisuan family won’t want a spoiled and bratty daughter-in-law and the Suksawat family also wouldn’t like a spoiled and playboy son-in-law, so they took a change. The change is to send Orathai and Akkanee to a farm together, and train. Train to be the best couple before their wedding in 1 year. Orathai and Akkanee disagree, and try to run away from it. But fate brings them together, and they end up at the farm. They are suppose to work together, and help each other out, but instead they take it as a contest, and try to win over one another. Will this couple in training be succuessful?
True Love
Saenwan is the only daughter of Farmer Mungkorn, known as one of the best and most honest farmer in the countryside. Saenwan is known for her beautiful face and voice. All people from the village love and adores her. She have a guy friend that she had known since young, Vorapat. Vorapat have always like Saenwan, and Saenwan had accepted a relationship with him. One day, Khun Pongsakorn Thepborirak, Saenwan’s father’s old friend, came to visit them. Pongsakorn was a rich businessman in Bangkok. He and Saenwan’s father, Mungkorn, have been friends long before he went to live in Bangkok. Pongsakorn admire Saenwan’s many talents and kindness, so he ask for her hand for his son, Wunchai. Khun Pongsakorn promised that Saenwan will be taken good care of, and be treated will. Her father and mother agreed, and Saenwan have no choice, but to obey. Vorapat was sad that they won’t get to live their life together. Pongsakorn soon went back home to announce the news to his family. As usual when he got there, the house was full of noise and shouting. His wife, Madame Nokyoong, his son, Wunchai, and 2 daughers, Maneerin and Wandara, were already dress and going to an event. He stop them to announce the news. The family were not please, especially Wunchai since he have to marry a countryside girl. Pongsakorn ignore his family’s saying and thinking. No matter what, he still wants Saenwan to be his daughter in law. He have a great hope that Saenwam will help change his family into a normal and good family. After the wedding, Saenwan move to Bangkok to live with Pongsakorn’s family. Instead of being treated like a daughter in law, she was treated like a lowly servant. The family give her no respect and honor, except Khun Pongsakorn. Saenwan honor and respect Khun Pongsakorn, which even made Khun Pongsakorn feel worst-er for letting her get torture that way. Saenwan however don’t mind the family, she wants to do everything for her parents and Khun Pongsakorn. Khun Pongsakorn fight for Saenwan’s rights, but get into fights and arguments instead. Wandara, the second oldest of the family, however found her problem and her true love. She got out of her mother’s control and got marry to the person she loves even though her mother despise. She turns nicer, and turn to admire Saenwan the same way her father does. She try to help her brother, Wunchai, realize how nice Saenwan is. But Wunchai was too busy in his world to even notice. Back in the country, Vorapat was too depressed. He decided to sing. But luck has its own way. People loved his singing. He went to Bangkok and start singing his song. After 1 year of marriage, Saenwan was still treated the same. Madame Nokyoong, Wunchai, Maneerin still detest her. However Vorapat had become a famous singer. One day, while Khun Pongsakorn was having a fight with Wunchai and his mother about Saenwan, he got a heart attack and died. After that, Wunchai and his mother kicked Saenwan out of the house. Saenwan went back to her old village, and discover that her parents have pass away. She was left without no one. But luckily one day, Vorapat came back and foundd her. He was glad to see her again, but was mad to learn that she got kicked out of the house. However, Vorapat’s love for her have never fade. He took her to Bangkok, and they become singers. Also 1 year later, they become the most famous singers in Thailand. Saenwan have already forgotten her old life. Meanwhile Wunchai is still with his mother, following her orders and needs. Wunchai once meet Saenwan again, going to one of her concerts. He soon regrets, and wanted her back. He watches in pain as Saenwan enjoy her new wonderful life. Wandara is still marry to her husband, but her mother is also causing trouble for her. Even with her many problems, Wandara still helps her brother fight to get Saenwan back. But will Saenwan go back to Wunchai when she moved so far? Did Wunchai really learn his lesson? Will Wunchai get out of his mother’s control like Wandara?
The Love War
Rochana and Ratchanee are twin. But they are the totally opposite of each other. Rochana is the older twin, and is very kind, obedient, admirable, smart, and always loved by people. But Ratchanee is mean, bratty, spoiled, disobey orders, don’t care about education, and don’t receive love much from others. Rochana gets to America for her education, while Ratchanee stays at home. Her father despise her very much because of her behavior. Her mother is her only person that cares and loves her. Rochana meet Chaiburathut in America and develop a relationship. Both promise to go back and tell their parents, and get marry afterward. But Rochana’s father have already chosen a man for her to marry, Ridchawee, the twin of Chaiburathut. Chaiburathut told his parents, and they were happy for him. He was glad that his brother was getting marry, but shocked to learn that it was Rochana. Rochana was also confused. the person that she was suppose to marry look eacatly like her Chaiburathut, but what about the names? At last, all of the discover about each other. Chaiburathut and Ridchawee are twins, while Rochana and Ratchanee are twins. Rochana and Chaiburathut trys to convince their parents to let them marry instead, but they disagreed. Ratchanee overheard and discover about their story. He wants her goody sister to be in pain, so she try to stay close to Chaiburathut. Ridchawee won’t give up Rochana up easily. Finally the love war starts. Each so picky about their pair. But who will end up with who?

There are still more, but all of these so far for now.