Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 
“Mom?” Mayumi whispered. She couldn’t move or say anything. Her mother walked to her.
“Yes it’s me, Mayumi,” Ms. Urassaya answered. She walked over to Mayumi and touched her face. “It has been so long.” A tear rolled down her left cheek.
“Mom, why now? What took you so long?” asked Mayumi. She was going to cry soon.
“I’m sorry Mayumi.” Mother and daughter comforted each other, crying for a few minutes.
Ryuunosuke walked into the living room. “Mommy,” he shouted in excitement. We ran to his mother.
“It seems that I missed out on too much. Please tell me, Mayumi.”
“Yes, Mom.” They sat down and Mayumi put Ryuunosuke on her lap. “This is your grandson, Mom. His name is Ryuunosuke.”
Ms.Urassaya looked at her grandson, studying him. “He looks just like you, Mayumi.”
“No. He looks like his father.”
“Where is he? Ryuunosuke’s father?”
“Somewhere in the house.”
Before Ms.Urassaya can answer, Urasa and Mrs. Kugimiya entered the room.
“Hello, Mayumi!” Urasa and Mrs. Kugimya walked to Mayumi. “And this is?”
Mayumi stood up and said, “This is my mother. Mom, this is mother in law, Nadech’s mother.” Both mothers exchanged greetings. After that, they talked to know each other better.
After dinner, Mayumi took her mother to her room. She had so much questions for her mother but she knew that this was not the right time. Her mother just got here and was tired.
“Rest well, Mom,” Mayumi said.
“Thank you, Mayumi. You treat me so good. I don’t deserve to be your mother.”
“Don’t say that, Mom. You are my mom, and will always be.” They hugged and then Mayumi went back to her room. She closed the door and locked it. She got onto the bed and pulled the cover back.
“Another lie,” Nadech accused.
Mayumi turned around faced him. “No. Nadech, please let me explain.”
“Let you explain and make up more lies?”
“No, Nadech. Please.”
“I told you that lie because I wanted to protect my mom.”
“Protecting her by hiding her? I don’t think so because when you’re hiding someone, you’re actually ashamed of them. Right?”
“No. Please understand Nadech. I was going to tell you after our marriage. But we never got there.”
Nadech walked slowly over to Mayumi. His face had softened. He put his hand on Mayumi’s cheek and gently trace her lips.
“I know…” Nadech whispered and then rested his lips on hers lightly. After a few moments, Nadech stepped back and their kiss ended.  “Let’s go to sleep.” He walked to his side of the bed and got onto the bed. His back was facing Mayumi. Mayumi hesistated and then got onto the bed. Mayumis still remembered that moment when she had told Nadech that her mother was out of her life.
Mayumi and Nadech were sitting together at a bench. They had just been dating for a week and getting to know each other better.
“So, tell me about your parents,” said Nadech.
Mayumi paused and then carefully answered, “I don’t know who my father is. My mother is long gone.”
“I’m sorry,” Nadech replied, infering that her mother had passed away.
“It’s okay.”
~End of Flashback~
Mayumi woke up the next morning and went down to cook breakfast. But someone was already there and breakfast was done. Her mother greeted her.
“Good morning, Mayumi. Come here. I made breakfast for you,” her mother said happily.
Mayumi sat down and tasted the food. It was really good. “Thank you, Mom.”
Her mother smiled in return, liking the fact that Mayumi liked her food.
“You’re welcome. Eat a lot okay?”
“Yes, Mom.”
“Khun Mayumi, Ryuunosuke is up,” Jiew told her.
“Thanks. I’ll go get him for breakfast.” Mayumi went and got Ryuunosuke and they ate Ms.Urassaya’s breakfast.
Nadech’s siblings also tasted Ms. Urassaya’s cookings and complimented her on it.
Before Nadech went to work, Mrs. Kugimiya announced that they are going to have a celebration for Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. Nadech said nothing and went straight to work but Mayumi was so thankful that the Kugimiya family were so kind to her.
Today was it. Kana was meeting with Ron’s parents and she was very nervous. She walked into their kitchen. Ron stood up happily when she saw Kana. Kana tried to smile back at him. Ron walked to her.
“Welcome, Kana,” Ron said with a big smile.
“Thank you,” Kana answered back.  Ron lead her to the table and pull the chair for her. Kana sat down and Ron went to his seat.
They all ate dinner in silence. After the dinner, Khun Ying, Ron’s mother questioned Kana. Kana tried to answer all the questions with her best effort. She felt like this was a test and she was worried that she might not pass.
After all the questions, Khun Ying assured her, “It’s okay. You passed.”
Kana could not believe it. She passed! Ron smiled at her.
“When my son told me about you, I was a bit concerned, but seeing you and talking to you in person has changed my views on you. I’m sorry for having to judge you so quickly.”
“It’s okay.”
Ron and Kana headed to the park to go and celebrate. They were both very happy that they were going to be together.
Mayumi and Ms. Urassaya were finally together alone at last. Mayumi stared at her mother as her mother tried to avoid her curious eyes.
“Mom-” Mayumi started but was interrupted.
“Mayumi,” Ms. Urassaya interjected.
“You go ahead, Mom.”
“I know what you want to ask me and I’m prepared. You may ask your questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.”
“Where have you been all these years?”
“Hiding from you. I couldn’t bear to bring shame upon you. I wasn’t a good mother.”
“Don’t say that. I knew you tried to do what you can for me.”
“Mom, tell me about Dad. Tell it the way you used to tell me when I was young.”
“Your father and I met on a raining day. He was all wet and needed shelter. Maybe it was fate that brought him into my house. P’Ter and P’Soy weren’t home so it was just me. I could not stand to turn someone that needed help down so I let him in even though I knew it was wrong. At first it was silent and awkward but we started talking and soon, our conversations went deeper and deeper.”
19 year old Thipada was cooking food for herself because her brother and sister in law were going to be gone the whole night. She was scared being alone but was thankful that she wouldn’t have to listen to her sister in law. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and saw a man about her age, all wet and shivering, standing in front of the door.
“Miss, may I come in? I just need shelter from this rainstorm. Just for a bit. I won’t do anything to you,” he begged.
Thipada pitied him and didn’t want him to be in the cold so she invitied him in wothout hesitation. She gave him blankets and Ter’s clothes to change into while she dry his clothes. She also gave him food. He was very grateful.
“Thank you, Miss. I’m very thankful. May I ask for your name?”
“Thipada. And yours?”
After that, they started talking back and forth, telling one another about themself. And in 2 hours, they had became good friends.
~End of Flashback~
“One thing led to another. Before the sun rise, we had already conceived you.” A tear slipped down Ms.Urassaya’s cheek.
Mayumi hugged her mother. “No, you’re a better mother. At least you let your child know that her father is still here. I didn’t. I lied to Ryu, Mom. I regretted it so much.”
    “Here you go,” said Mayumi, handing the cooked noodle to Ryuunosuke.
    “Thanks, mommy!” he exclaimed with excitement.
Ryuunosuke started on his noodle, and Mayumi watched him with joy.  She loved seeing her child grow, and adored him very much.  Ryuunosuke looked up at her with excitement.
    “Mommy, where’s Daddy?” questioned Ryuunosuke, suddenly.
Mayumi’s smile faded into a frown.
    “He pass away,” Mayumi carefully replied.
    “If Daddy was here, he’ll provide for us,” sighed Ryuunosuke.
Mayumi looked at her son, and then smile.  She took his little hands into hers.
    “Ryuunosuke, sweetheart, we don’t need a daddy. You have me,” Mayumi explained with a hopeful smile, wishing that Ryuunosuke would forget about the subject.
Ryuunosuke sadly nodded his head, and continued eating his noodles.  Mayumi watched his expression while he finished up.
~End of Flashback~
“Mayumi, don’t be to hard on yourself. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most.”
“But you told me what I deserved to know. I kept everything a secret a now it exploded out. Now, no one wants to hear me out, mostly Nadech.”
“I do. I want to hear everything. Tell me.”
“Nadech and I met in college. We fell him love. It was my birthday and we were celebrating it. And just like you and Dad. One thing led to another and he conceived Ryu, too. Before, Aunt Soy told everyone that I was going to be like you, getting pregnant without a father. I was determined to not turn out like you, but in the end, I still did.”
“Mayumi, love is a pure thing, cherish it. Don’t trouble yourself over so much. I know that it was an accident.”
“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to be so cruel to you in the past.”
“The past is the past. May I ask you a question?”
“What is it?”
“Do you still love Chawee?”
Nadech walked into Ryuunosuke’s room. He had came him extra early because his mind wasn’t on work today. Ryuunosuke was still at school but seeing his son’s stuffs still make him happy. He sat on Ryuunosuke’s bed and though to himself.
“Ryu, what is your mom trying to do? Does she still love me or not? Cause I still love her very much. I just want her to suffer a bit.”
“Khun Nadech?” Nadech turned around and saw Noy. “May I come in?”
“Nadech, do you still believe her?”
“Who are you referring to when you mean ‘her’?”
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t believe her, Nadech!”
Nadech turned around and look at Noy. “Why?”
“Because… because she doesn’t love you. She never did.”
“She did once.”
Ryuunosuke ran to his room. He was upset today since he had an argument with his friend, which rarely occurs. Seeing Noy with his father, he stopped at the door. They were in a conversation so he did not want to interrupt them. He waited patiently until they were done. Noy walked out, wiping her tears. Ryuunosuke walked him.
“Daddy! Why did P’Noy cry?” Ryuunosuke asked.
“It’s nothing. Come here,” Nadech said.
  Ryuunosuke walked to him and he told all of his problems to his father. Suddenly, out of the blue, Ryuunosuke asked, “Daddy, is Mommy your soul mate?”
“Why are you asking that, Ryu?”
“Because you told me that a soul mate will always be with you. You and Mommy are always together.”
   “It’s almost time to go home, Uncle Nadech,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “It’s okay, Ryu.”
    “But Mommy is going to know.”
    “Does your Mom love you a lot?”
    “Yes. She loves me a lot, more than her life. There was this one time when I was very naughty and sneak into my neighbor’s house. I broke their glass dishes, and I got caught. Mommy was very worried about me. I was willingly to do anything for my sake. She begged and knelt down to them, saying that she’ll do anything. She worked so hard just for me, even though it’s tiring. She says that she wants me to have a wonderful life.”
    “Wow! She must loved you a lot.”
    “Yes. Does your Mommy love you?”
    “Yes, she does. She cooks for me and always stayed by my side although I disappoint her a lot of time.”
    “What about your girlfriend?”
    “She used to love me a lot. We used to play like this all the time. She was someone I would have love to spend my whole life with.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “Things didn’t turn out to be the same as I want. Maybe she just wasn’t my soul mate.”
    “What’s a soul mate?”
    “Someone that will be there with you forever, someone that you’ll marry and live happily ever after with.”
    “I want someone like that.”
    “You will. Everyone has a soul mate.”
    “Who’s your soul mate?”
    “I don’t know, but I hope that it’s Anna. We’re getting marry in 6 days.”
    “You’re getting married?!”
~End of Flashback~
“But you didn’t get marry to Auntie Anna. It was Mommy and you.”
“Yes, I guess we are soul mate, Ryu.”
“Yay! I knew it!”
“Knew what?”
“Knew that you and Mommy never stopped loving each other!”

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