Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
Mayumi’s mother’s visit.
For the next few days, things stayed the same. Mayumi and Nadech still does not speak to each other. Mayumi was with Ryuunosuke, reading a book for him.
“And then they live happily ever after…” Mayumi finished.
Ryuunosuke yawned and then turned to his mother. “That was a good story. Mommy, do you believe in happily ever after?”
“Yes, Ryu. If we good things then we will receive happiness.”
“Well, I did a lot of good things but why am I not happy?”
“It takes time so be patient, Ryu. Not all of life is full of good things. Sometimes you need to go through the bad things to reach the bad things.”
“Yes, Mommy.”
“That’s my good boy.”
“Mommy, why did you lie about Daddy being dead?” Mayumi was shocked that he still remembered. She regret lying so much. If it weren’t for her lies, maybe things would have turned out better.
“It’s a long story. You’re young; you probably won’t understand it, Ryu.”
“I still want to listen.”
“Okay then. Well, Mommy and Daddy met our first year of college. We fell in love. The 4 college years were the most happiest years of my life with Daddy. Mommy and Daddy planned to marry after graduation but something came up and Daddy have to come back here…” Mayumi stopped for a bit, reliving the memory.
“And then what happened, Mommy?” Ryuunosuke asked. He was now lying on Mayumi’s lap, looking curiously up at her.
“Then he left. Mommy found out that she was having you. I was so happy Ryu. I wanted to tell Daddy so much. I waited for him, but nothing came,” she siad. She decided not to tell Ryuunosuke about the letter. She continued, “But he never came so I moved back to live with Uncle Ter and Auntie Soy. They were so disappointed in me…” Mayumi remembered.
“What? You’re pregnant?” her aunt shouted. Mayumi hesitantly nodded her head. Aunt Soy walked inside the house and brought the broom out with her. She hold Mayumi’s arm while hitting her with the broom. “How could you do this to us? We raised you and taught you well. How dare you bring shame unto us? You’re worthless. You should not live anymore! I hate you! You’re just like your mother!” Mayumi had cried and begged her aunt to stop hitting her. Luckily, Uncle Ter came in. He grabbed Aunt Soy and threw the broom aside.
“Why are you hitting her, Soy?” Uncle Ter asked.
Her aunt had pointed an accusing finger at her. “She brought shame upon us. She got herself pregnant. She don’t deserve to live. Let me kill her!”
Mayumi watched as her uncle’s face filled with disappointment. The uncle that had loved and raised her since young.
“See what I told you back then. She’s just like her mother. Like mother, like daughter!”
Her uncle had walked to her. “Is it true, Mayumi?”
Tears rushed down Mayumi’s face. She answered, “Yes, Uncle. I’m sorry.”
“Mayumi. My Mayumi,” he had whispered. A tear slipped down his left cheek. Mayumi didn’t know what to say except cry. She knew that she had disappointed her uncle a lot.
~End of Flashback~
“Uncle Ter still never lost his love for me. He fed me well and took care of us,” Mayumi continued with tears.
Uncle Ter walked to Mayumi. She was 6 months pregnant now. He handed her a bowl of fruits.
“My dear Mayumi, have some fruits. It’s good for the baby. And you too,” said Uncle Ter.
“Thank you, Uncle. You’re so kind to me, I don’t know what to say. I promise that after I give birth, I’ll pay you and Auntie in full. I’ll leave and not bother you again.”
“My dear, don’t say that. You know that I love you like my own daughter. You don’t have to go. You know how much I loved your mother. She would be unhappy if she knows that I did not take care of you.”
“My mother and I probably brought a lot of trouble unto you.”
“Don’t say that. Thip was my only sister. I loved her a lot. You’re my only niece and I don’t have any children. You’re the only reminder of Thip, you know. Whenever I see you, I’m happy.”
“Thank you Uncle.”
“You’re welcome. Eat a lot. For you and  the baby.”
~End of flashback~
“So Uncle Ter was the one who took care of you and me when I was in your stomach?” Ryuunosuke asked.
“Yes. Uncle Ter did a lot for us. We must not forget him okay?”
“Yes, Mommy.”
“After I gave birth, I left even though Uncle Ter insisted on me staying. I didn’t want Auntie and him to have anymore arguements.”
“Auntie Soy is really mean, Mommy.”
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t have sent you to live with her.”
“I know. You should have not,” Nadech interrupted then.
At the sound of his voice, Ryuunosuke got off Mayumi’s lap and run to his father. Instead of giving him hugs like before, Ryuunosuke started hitting Nadech.
“Bad Daddy!” He shouted. “You left Mommy!”
Nadech knelt down and stopped the child’s fists. “Ryu, calm down. I didn’t left Mommy,” he said, looking at Mayumi. Mayumi tried to avoid his accusing eyes.
“Mommy told me that you went away and left her with mean Auntie Soy,” Ryuunosuke said.
“Yes I did left her, but my grandfather was about to die, Ryu. I didn’t mean to. I still miss and think of Mommy.” He walked over to Mayumi and put one of his hand around her shoulder. And then he kissed her on the cheek. “See.” Ryuunosuke studied them closely. Then Nadech, noticing that Mayumi was not smiling, whispered into her ear, “Smile so that he’ll know that we’re not lying.”
Mayumi smiled at Ryuunosuke. “Ryu, he came back and here we are, a family.”
The child still look doubtful. Nadech turned Mayumi to face him and planted a loving kiss to her lips. Mayumi was startled because it was so fast. Nadech removed his lips and then smiled broadly to his son. Ryuunosuke was now convinced. Nadech picked him up with one arm while the other was still resting on Mayumi’s shoulder.
“Picture!” Urasa shouted, capturing them in her camera. She walked inside the room, smiling. “You guys are so cute!”
Kana had been hanging out with Ron lately. In Thailand, there was not much to do since she still does not have a job. She was searching for one though but haven’t been accepted to any yet. Ron phoned her.
“Have dinner with me tonight,” Ron commanded.
“Ask me,” she said.
“May you have dinner with me tonight?”
“May you have dinner with me tonight, please?”
“Sorry, I can’t.”
“After all the trouble and you say no?”
“I’m sorry I can’t. And well, I can’t help it. You need to remember manners when you’re asking. No one likes to be commanded.”
“Well, I’m sorry.”
Ron was still at his office working. He didn’t notice that Betty had entered his office.
“It’s okay,” Kana answered back.
“Okay, good bye, sweetheart.” And with that he hung up before she can say anything more.
When Betty heard that, she dropped the coffee she had made for Ron. “Ron, what did you say?”
“Betty, I…”
“You called her sweetheart. What about me?”
“Betty, I…”
“You called me sweetheart too.”
“Yes, but back then, I was a playboy. And you knew me. I told you that I could only give you limited things and you accepted.”
“But your mother chose me.”
“But I didn’t. I love another woman. And she is not you. My mother is not me. She may have chose you but I’m not marrying you. I’m marrying Kana. I’m going to ask her.”
“You can’t, Ron. I love you!” She hugged Ron tightly from behind. “We were meant to be. That’s what everyone said.”
“Sorry, Betty.” Ron disconnected her hands and walked away from her hug. He exited the room.
“No, Ron!” Betty shouted but no one answered.
It was nighttime and Mayumi was drying her hair, looking at herself in the mirror. Nadech walked in but Mayumi try to ignore him.
“Why did you tell Ryu that I was a bad Daddy?” Nadech asked, almost angrily. “You want him to have a bad image of me right?”
Mayumi ignored him and walked out of the bathroom. He captured one of her arm with his hand.
“Answered me,” he roared.
“No. I was just telling him the truth. What? You can’t take it? You abandoned me. That’s why I told him that you were dead. What did you expect me to tell him when he asked of his father? That he left us?”
Mayumi took his hand off her arm and walked out.
“I didn’t abandon you. I came back-“
“Khun Nadech, here is the coffee you asked for,” Noy announced loudly, entering the room. She gave Mayumi the evil stare but smiled happily at Nadech.
Nadech walked out of the bathroom, leaving Mayumi standing there.
“Thank you, Noy,” said Nadech, drinking the coffee.
Mayumi was still standing in the doorway, thinking to herself. Nadech came back? Did he mean he came back for her? She needed to know but she could not ask right now because Noy was with them. And she was not showing a happy face to her. She watched as her husband and Noy get into an interesting conversation. They were both talking and smiling at each other. Jealousy stabbed at her. She didn’t want to stay here anymore; she walked past them and out of the room.
“Where are you going?” asked Nadech.
“For a walk. I don’t want to here,” Mayumi answered, keeping the hurt back. She waited for Nadech to say something. Maybe something that may hold her back and make her want to stay with him but he said nothing. Mayumi walked off, hurt and feeling alone.
Nadech walked Mayumi walked off. He knew that he should have say something but he didn’t. He still wished that he did though. He shrugged his thoughts of Mayumi off and tried to concentrate on what Noy was telling her. Noy was someone he had admired. Even though she was just a servant, she had big dreams. And she always shared it with him. That was how he had gotten close to Noy. He had always encouraged her on accomplishing her dreams. She was still young, ten years younger than him.
Kana was sitting down on her bed, remembering what Ron said. “Sweetheart,” she whispered and repeated it again for the hundredth time. She just could not get it out of her mind. Why did Ron say that to her? She touched her lips, remembering their first kiss.
   Kana and Ron are at a restaurant, eating. Ron kept on ordering more food which annoyed Kana.
    “Are you done, yet?!” asked Kana, getting bored.
    “Not yet,” Ron answered.
    “It’s been an hour,” complained Kana.
    “But I’m still hungry.”
    “Fine.” Kana crossed her arms over her chest.
    Ron smiled, looking at her. Then he spotted Betty along with Nadech/Anna’s mothers and sisters.
    “Oh, no, there’s going to be trouble,” he whispered to himself. He turned to Kana, got up, and took her hand. “I’m done. Let’s go.”
    “Wait, why are you in such a hurry?” she asked, while he dragged her out of the restaurant. Betty and them were coming closer so he turned the other way.
    “Dude, what are you doing?” she asked as he pressed her to the wall and accidentally kissed her. She pushed him away and slapped him.
    “Sorry, but for now-” he said and then stopped. She has tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Kana.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the place. When they were safely outside, he looked at her again. “Kana, hear me out. I’m so sorry. I slipped-“
    “Don’t try to explain. I don’t want to hear!” said Kana.
    “But Kana-“
    “I don’t care if you slip or not, the result is still the same.”
    “Kana, seriously, that was only a kiss.”
    “That was my FIRST kiss!” she shouted, crying harder. People around them were focusing their attention on them.
    “Okay, okay. I’m truly sorry. I’ll take you where you want to go,” said Ron, wanting to get out of the place.
    “Let me go my own way!” she shouted. Kana ran away from Ron. He stood there and then finally got into his car. He couldn’t understand why a first kiss was so important to women.
~End of Flashback~
Kana frowned at the thought but then she started to slowly smile. It may have not been what she had hoped for her first kiss, but it was with Ron. With this much, she is satisfied. She thought about all the times they had been together, looking for Ryuunosuke. She looked at the roses in the vase next to her on the table. She took one out and started picking the petals off, saying “love” and “don’t love” with each petal she plucked. After going through all the roses, she was still confused. She needed some counseling. She dialed Mayumi’s phone.
Mayumi walked around in circles, thinking to herself. She thought about what Nadech had said. She thought about Noy. Nadech and Noy both seemed so close. Their relationsip was something that differed from her relationship with Nadech. But they seemed so close and knew each other so well. She knew that in the Kugimiya household, no servant is just regard as a servant. They were like family. The Kugimiya family had that much love, even for their servants. She liked that about the Kugimiya family. Her phone rang, startling her.
“Hello, Kana?” Mayumi answered.
“Mayumi? I need your help. How do you know when you love someone?”
“Kana, you’re in love?”
“Yes. I mean no. I don’t know. May you tell me please?”
“Kana, who are you in love with?”
“I don’t know Mayumi. I think that I’m in love with Ron. I’ve been thinking about him all this time. I think of him a lot. I want to be with him. I get jealous when he talks about his Betty.”
“Kana, I think that you are in love.”
“I think so too. But Mayumi, how should I tell him?”
“Just go to him and tell him. Nothing hard about it.”
“But I’m a girl. Wait, did you confess to Nadech or did he to you?”
“He confessed to me.”
“See. I’m just going to wait until he like me back then.”
“Kana, don’t be so prideful. If you like him, tell him. What if he doesn’t return your feelings?”
“I don’t know Mayumi. I have to go now. Bye. Good night.” Kana hung up. Mayumi turn off her phone.
“Another problem,” she said, frowning to herself. She walked back inside the house. But Noy was there, waiting for her.
“You saw us already. Saw how close we were. I think that you should understand it,” said Noy.
Mayumi smiled and sweetly said, “Sorry, but I don’t want to waste my time talking to kids like you.”
“I’m not a kid. I’m 18. I’ll show you. Even though I can not harm you physically, I will emotionally!”
Mayumi walked to her bedroom quietly. She saw that Nadech was already asleep. She slipped onto the bed, making sure not to distrub Nadech.
The next morning, after breakfast, Nadech left for work. They had not talked about yesterday. Mayumi hated the disturbances that always occur when they are talking. She cleaned the dishes after breakfast.
“Mommy,” Ryu shouted.
“Yes, Ryu,” Mayumi answered, drying the last dish.
“I’m going to go to school. Please go with me today.”
“Yes. Let’s go get ready.” Mayumi dried her hands and took Ryuunosuke by the hand. Ryuunosuke let go of her hand, surprising Mayumi.
“Mommy, look at me. I’m ready.”
Mayumi looked at Ryuunosuke. He was already dressed and wearing his backpack.
“Who did this for you, Ryu?” Mayumi asked.
“I did.” Noy walked to Mayumi, smiling. Ryuunosuke walked to Noy and Noy knelt down. Ryuunosuke gave her a hug.
“Yes, Sister Noy helped me, Mommy. She’s really nice. I really like her.”
Mayumi looked at Ryuuosuke’s smiling face and the Noy’s. She walked to Ryunnosuke, and took him by the hand.
“Well thank you. But as you know, I’m his mother. Please don’t bother to do it again. It’s my duty.”
“It’s my pleasure.”
“Well I asked you not to do it,” Mayumi said rudely.
“Come on, Ryu, let’s go.” Mayumi took Ryuunosuke to the car. She was so mad. Why is everyone so kind to Noy but not her?
Noy walked away, happily. She knew that she had gotten Mayumi. “She’s so clam, huh? Not a while ago.” She laughed to herself, walking to the servants’ part of the house.
“Why did you do that?” asked Vivi, Nadech’s 2nd sister.
“Did what? Annoyed Mayumi? Why do you care?” Noy asked, irrated.
“Mayumi’s a kind person. I just want you to respect her. Plus she is Nadech’s legitimate wife and my sister in law.”
“Why do you suddenly seem to care? You remember what you told me? You told me that I’m the only one you wanted as a sister in law. You promise me that you’ll help me marry Nadech. We had all of this planned out already, remember?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Then remember your words!”
Noy walked out on Vivi, going to Mayumi and Nadech’s room. She went to the closet and opened it. She threw Mayumi’s clothes out and mess up the well made bed.
“I hate you, Mayumi! You stole Nadech! I HATE you!” She threw Mayumi’s belongings onto the floor.
Mayumi got out of the car. She was so tired. Ryuunosuke was so hyper, telling her about all the stuffs he had done at school. She went straight to her room. When she got there, she was horrified. Who did this? The room was a mess. Her clothes and belongings were on the floor, dirty. She walked inside and started cleaning. She put the dirty and stepped on clothes in a pile and the cleaner ones in another pile. She put her stuffs back where they once were. After making the bed, she went to sleep.
Ron was in the living room with his family and Betty’s family. Betty had told on him and now their families are making a big deal out of it.
“Ron, why won’t you marry Betty?” his mother asked.
“I don’t love her, Mom. Please. I love someone else. Her name is Kana Suzuki.”
“Who is she? Where did she come from?”
“She’s the person I love, as I have stated. She’s kind and beautiful. She came from Japan. She’s half Japanese.”
“I would like to see her.”
“Khun Mae, you can’t. I love Ron,” Betty interfered.
“Sorry, Khun Ying,” Betty’s father apologized. “Betty, say sorry right now. Ron is in charge of his life, not you. If Khun Ying want to see her, she will.” Betty and her family left.
“Ron, I know that I can not force you to marry someone but I do have a say in your marriage. I want to know this Kana. Please bring her here.”
“Yes, mother.”
Ron rang Kana right away, telling her to have dinner with him and his family that evening. Kana could not refuse and agreed to go.
Mayumi woke up after a long sleep. Nadech was sitting at his side of the bed, staring at her.
“Awake?” he asked roughly.
“What do you need?” Mayumi asked, sitting up.
“A woman is here to see you.”
“A woman?”
Nadech left her. Mayumi got up and went downstairs. She walked into the living room. The woman turned her face around.
“Mom?” Mayumi whispered.
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