Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 12

Chapter 12
For the next few days, things had not proceed between them. They avoid each other like strangers. Mayumi continued working inside the Kugimiya house and getting to know each member better, except Nadech, of course because he ignored her all the time.
Nadech came home and went straight to his room.
“I think that you should follow him and remind him that there’s dinner,” said Mrs. Kugimiya.
“Yes,” answered Mayumi. She went up the stairs and into their room. “Nadech, there’s-“
“I know. I don’t need you to remind me,” he said in a harsh tone.
“Yes.” She walked out of the room, sadly, wiping away her tears.
“Mommy, mommy,” she heard Ryuunosuke’s shouts of joy. The little boy ran to her. She knelt and opened her arms for him. He went into her arms and she gave him a tight hug. “Mommy, where’s Daddy?”
“He’s in his room,” Mayumi answered.
“Really? May I go in?”
“Ryu, I don’t think-“
“Hello, Ryu!” said Nadech happily. Mayumi turned to look at him. He was smiling at his son, ignoring her.
“Daddy!” The little boy exclaimed happily and jumped into his father’s arms.
“How are you?”
“I’m good. Grandma says that dinner is ready.”
“Alright then, let’s go eat.” Mayumi watched as father and son hold hands together and walked to the dining room. She was about to follow after them but remembered that she needed to change since her clothes were dirty. She turned to go back inside the room but stopped. Noy was walking towards her with a wide smile.
“Noy?” asked Mayumi.
“Yes. I think that you already know who I am.”
“I do, no worries.”
“Why did you come back to Nadech? You were long gone. And he was supposed to be mine!”
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Nadech was the one who asked me to come here and marry him.”
“It was only because of his son. He loves his son, not you, remember that! And when he’s bored, he’ll throw you out without second thoughts.”
“Well, that’s the future. This is the present. I prefer staying in the moment. Excuse me.” It pained Mayumi to speak those words. Will Nadech really throw her out once he’s bored of her? She don’t want to be out of his life. She loves him.
Before Mayumi can reach the door, Noy grabbed her hand in a painful clencth, stopping her. “Don’t walk out on me!”
“I don’t have to listen to your orders,” Mayumi fired back.
“I’m just warning you. I love Nadech more than you can ever love him. I knew him since childhood. You can’t compare to me. He’ll come to me one day.” She dropped Mayumi’s arm and went away. Mayumi touched her hand. The grip was tight and painful.
After dinner, Mayumi went back to her room to bathe because she didn’t have the chance to. Noy’s words had saddened her and she didn’t have the heart to do it so she went back to the dining table. When she got to the room, she went straight to the bathroom. She wanted to drown herself in the water so that she wouldn’t have the face the real world for a while.
Nadech came inside the room. He needed to bathe because he was so tired and wanted to feel fresh again. He walked to the bathroom door and turn the knob; it was unlocked so he enter. Without looking at the bathtub, he undressed. Then he turned to the bathtub and see Mayumi. She was in the water, full body and head. Nadech quickly put a towel around his lower body, and walked to Mayumi. He pulled her out of the water and sat her down on her bottom.
“Mayumi, are you okay?” he yelled, scared and worried.
Mayumi opened her eyes. “I’m fine. Why are you here, Nadech?” she asked, confused. She was just taking a nice bath, drowning her whole body in, but here was Nadech, worried for her. Somehow, it made her happy, knowing that Nadech still worry for her. “Are you worried?” she asked, smiling.
Nadech realized that he had made a mistake. Mayumi wasn’t hurt or anything. She was just having her fun. He hated the way he reacted. Why was he so stupid? She wasn’t going to died. A woman like her was strong; she doesn’t need him. “I just didn’t want you to die in my house,” he cruelly lashed at her.
Mayumi looked at the ground sadly. Then she realized that she was undressed. “Would you excuse me? I need to dress.” she said politely, controlling her hurt feelings. Nadech moved and Mayumi got up without looking at Nadech. She went out of the room.
Nadech sighed and went out of the room. He was in no mood to bathe now. He walked inside the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed, facing the window. It was closed, but he stared at it still. Mayumi dressed rapidly. She was aware of Nadech and don’t want to disturb him. Mayumi pulled the covers off the bed and got onto the bed. Before she can cover herself with it, Nadech reached for the covers and pulled it over her body. “Good night.”
He then walked back into the bathroom and took his shower. Mayumi was still, thinking about Nadech. Why did her do that for her? She thought that he was angry at her for making him scared. Well, whatever the reason, she was thankful that Nadech did that for her. No one cared to do it for her since young. She still wasn’t asleep when Nadech came to bed. They were both silent, facing the other way.
“Why did you do that for me?” Mayumi asked, breaking the silence.
“I don’t know. My instinct insisted on me doing it,” Nadech answered softly.
“Thank you very much. No one had done that for me before.”
“No one?”
“Well, except my uncle. Sometimes he do it but rarely.”
“I did once. 7 years ago, remember?”
They remained silent for another long period of time.
“Why didn’t you come back to see me?” Mayumi asked suddenly. She wanted to know why. Mayumi recalled that day when Nadech was going to leave.
    “Hello, Mom?” said Nadech happily. He was happy that his mother called. He was going to tell her that he and Mayumi were going to wed after graduation.
    “My son, you need to come back. Your grandfather is dying. Come back now!” said his mother, crying.
    “What happened Mom?” asked Nadech.
    “Your grandfather doesn’t have much time to live. He wants to see you before he go. I’ve already booked a ticket for you. Go to the airport.”
    “Okay, okay, Mom, I’ll come as soon as possible.”
    After he hung up, he packed all his belongings, getting ready to leave. There was a knock at his door. He opened the door, and there was Mayumi.
    “Hi, Nadech. Where are you going?” asked Mayumi.
    “My grandfather is dying. I have to go back to Thailand right now,” said Nadech. He was in a hurry and have no time for Mayumi.
    “But-” started Mayumi.
    “I’m sorry, Mayumi. I have to go. But don’t worry, I’ll come back,” said Nadech in a hurry. He placed a quick kiss on her forehead and then left. Mayumi stared after him.
~End of Flashback~
“You said that you’ll come back. I waited,” she said softly. But Nadech didn’t answered her. She then noticed that he was fast asleep. “Good night, my love.” Then she closed her eyes.
The next day while Nadech was working in his office, his secretary called him.
“Boss, someone is here to meet you,” his secretary called.
“What’s her name?” asked Nadech.
“She said that her name is Kana.”
“Send her in.”
Nadech sat up straight and waited for Kana. Kana entered the room. “Hello, Nadech,” she waved to him.
“Why are you here?” he asked surprised. What was Kana doing here?
“I missed Mayumi so much. I came to visit her.”
“Okay. You’re here to ask for my address?”
“Yes please. And Ron’s,” she answered shyly.
Nadech took out his pen and took one of the sticky note and wrote both of the addresses down. He was too busy thinking about Mayumi to care about what he was doing. Kana thanked him and went quietly, not disturbing him.
Kana decided to head to Mayumi first since Mayumi might be able to give her some tips on how to cheer Ron up. She was truly sorry for her lies. It was because she loved Mayumi so much. And she knew that it must had been weird for her to arrive so fast, only a few days after they left. She was going to surprise Mayumi. She smiled to herself, thinking about Ron.
“Khun Mayumi?” Jiew called from the door.
“Yes,” answered Mayumi, putting her book down.
“Your friend from Japan is here to visit you.”
“Yes, she’s waiting downstairs for you.” Mayumi got up and went downstairs and there was Kana. Mayumi smiled, pleased to see Kana. They both hugged each other.
“How are you?” asked Mayumi.
“I’m fine, just missed you and Ryu a lot. How have you been? Any progress yet?”
Mayumi sadly shook her head no and answered Kana that they were doing fine. They walked out of the house and into the backyard, sitting on the chairs outside.
“Wow, it’s so beautiful here in Thailand. I’ve never realize it.”
“It is.”
“What happen to you and Nadech?”
“We avoid each other most of the time. He doesn’t have time for me.”
“Why not? You guys used to love each other. Why don’t you try? Give it a chance.”
“Thanks, Kana.”
“And you. What about Ron?”
“Yes, he is the reason I’m here. When I was back home, I’ve already thought of what to say but now, it’s out of my head. Please help me, Mayumi!”
“I don’t know. Nadech and I are not working so well together. Just go to him and apologize. You two don’t have an entanglements. Nadech and I do.”
“But I don’t know. It doesn’t seem right; only us two apologizing. What about them? We all have our pride.”
“Sometimes, we need to lessen our pride.”
“Yes I know, but it’s hard.”
“Well, I just hope that everything will work out fine between the 2 of you. Good luck, my best friend.”
“Thanks!” They hugged each other again and then Kana left, leaving Mayumi alone, thinking to herself about Nadech. Kana was right. She couldn’t just sit like a statue all the time and think that heaven is going to help. She needed to do her part too. Tonight, she will talk to Nadech and they will figure things out together since last night failed.
After going to Mayumi, Kana rushed back to her hotel room. She dressed in her best dress and put on make-up as pretty as she knew how to. She smiled at herself in the mirror. “You’re gorgeous,” she told herself. Then she collected her stuffs and headed for Ron’s work place. She smiled, thinking about him. It had been a few days since seeing him. She wander if he had changed at all. Well, she was going to find out soon!
Ron sat at his desk, thinking to himself. These days he hadn’t been sleeping and was always thinking about Kana.
“P’Ron, here’s your coffee,” said Betty. She had been accompanying him ever since he came home. He knew that she wanted them to get marry but how can he when he’s thinking about another woman.
“Thank you, Betty. You may leave.”
“But Auntie told me that I’m supposed to look after you.”
“Thank you, but I’m not a child.”
“I know but I’m willing to look after you.” She smiled at him but he looked away.
“Boss, there’s a girl that wants to see you.”
“I have a visitor, Betty. Please go outside and wait.” She left and Kana came in. Ron was shocked to see her. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to apologize,” she answered, trying to sound sad.
“I don’t care. I don’t want to see your face,” he said, standing up and crossing his arms.
“Well then bye.” Kana walked to the door.
“Stop.” She turned aound and looked at him. “Fine, I’ll forgive you but you need to go to dinner with me.”
“Deal.” She smiled while he hold out his hand.
“A hand shake to seal the deal.” Kana shook his hand and they smiled at each other. “I’ll see you at 7 this evening.”
Ron’s cell phone rang right after Kana left.
“Hello, Mom?”
“Ron, tonight, there’s going to be a party. It’s the Jamikorn family’s celebration party. I need you to go with me. You may not miss out on this event. Do you understand?”
“But Mom-“
“No buts. Bye, bye. See you at the party at 6:00.” She hung up before he can say anything else. Ron frowned. This is going to be such a big mess. He doesn’t know Kana’s number or where to find her.
Mayumi was sitting next to Ryuunosuke, helping him with his homework. Once in a while, she would glance at the door to see if Nadech was here. But he wasn’t. She looked at the time on Ryuunosuke’s mickey mouse clock that Nadech brought for him. Nadech was late; he never come home this late. Even though he hated her very much, he never show it because of their son. Suddenly, Nadech was standing there in the doorway.
“Daddy!” Ryuunosuke yelled, startling Mayumi.
“Ryu!” Nadech came inside and give his son a hug.
“I missed you Daddy. At school, it was fun. I drew a picture of us. You, Mommy and me.” He was happily showing his creation to his father.
“Good job!” Nadech rewarded him. He then walked over to Mayumi.
“Get ready, we’re leaving in 15 minutes. We have to attend Jamikorn’s celebration party.”
“Can I not go?” asked Mayumi.
“You have to.” Nadech walked away but the turned back and added, “And please dress in a good dress. Please don’t bring shame upon my family.” He wlaked away without a second glance.
Mayumi sighed. She would have to go with him. It was her responsibility as a wife to him.
15 minutes later, Mayumi was in Nadech’s car and they were going to the Jamikorn’s celebration.
“What is the celebration for?” Mayumi asked. She wanted at least background knowledge of this party so she would not make a fool out of herself.
“Just a celebration for the youngest daughter. She graduated from abroad. When we go in there, you don’t need to do anything much. Just chat when they ask you to and don’t do things that they haven’t ask you to.”
“I understand.” The rest of the ride was silent. They arrived at the Jamikorn’s mansion and went in. They got out of the car and Mayumi looked at the mansion. It was beautiful and big. Even though it was not as big as the Kugimiya’s mansion, it does have it’s own unique and beautiful style. Nadech held out his hand and Mayumi looked at him, unsure of what to do.
“Put you hand on mine.” Mayumi did that and they walked into the party. They walked past so many people and Mayumi felt like going back home. She did not enjoy being around so many people. They stopped and Nadech dropped his hand and drew it away from Mayumi’s. She wanted to hold onto him because she was so uncomfortable. Nadech was deeply engaged in a conversation with another man. Mayumi took the time to look around the place. So many people and they seem to know each other. They were all chatting and here she was, standing like a fool.
She wanted to be alone. Without notifying Nadech, she walked to a waiter and asked, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” The waiter kindly give her directions to the bathroom. She walked in there. Woman were crowded in there also. She walked out again. Why does she feel so unsafe without Nadech? Why does she always rely on him?
She felt a hand brushing past her shoulder. She turned around. “Nadech?”
“Sorry, I’m not Nadech. I’m Taksin.” A man was looking at her. He was tall, about Nadech’s height but not as handsome as him.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Mayumi turned away to look for Nadech. He was now talking to a circle of women. They were all giggling at whatever he said. Mayumi felt jealousy stabbed in her heart. Why does it hurt so much to see him with other girls?
“Do you know him?” Taksin asked.
Mayumi turned to him and shook her head. “Let’s not talk about him.”
“Okay then. What’s your name?”
“Mayumi Urassaya.”
“Mayumi Kugimiya,” Nadech announced loudly. Mayumi turned to look at him walking towards them. Few people were now paying attention to them.
“Nadech,” Mayumi murmured.
Nadech walked to her with a smile. When he reached her, he put his hand around her hips and moved her closer to him.
“Good evening, Khun Taksin,” Nadech greeted with a murderous smile. “I see that you were talking to my wife.”
“Wife?” some of the people whispered.
“Yes, Khun Nadech. But too bad we didn’t get anywhere, only names exchange,” answered Taksin.
“Well, sorry, but I think that my wife and I will be leaving this party. Good night.”
“Good night.”
Nadech walked away with Mayumi still in his grip. When they reached their car, Mayumi said, “You can let go now.”
Nadech look at her. “Why should I? You’re my wife, my property,” he said with possessiveness.
Mayumi pushed him away from her. “I’m not your property.” He caught her again. “You’re mine, Mayumi!” His lips came down on hers, crushing her lips into a hard, punishing kiss. Mayumi tired to push away but did not succeed. Nadech finally let go. “Get into the car,” he ordered. Mayumi got into the car. Both of them did not look or speak to each other.
Ron was still at the Jamikorn’s party. Betty’s arm was on his. He looked at his watch. It was 8:00. “I’m sorry, Kana.”
“Ron, come here, let’s take a picture,” his mother commanded. Ron dragged himself in front of the camera.
“Smile,” said the photographer. Ron could careless and frown. He was late.
“Mommy, sorry but I gotta run,” he ran out of their sight before they could say anything.
Ron checked his text messages. All were from Kana. He followed the directions to the restaurant. When he got there, it was closed. He walked dejectedly back to his car.
“Looking for me?” Kana walked up to him.
“Kana!” Ron turned to see her.
“Why were you so late?”
“I got a call from my mother after you left. I had a party.”
“Well, it’s okay. The restaurant is closed though. Wanna do something else?”
“Follow me.” Ron followed Kana. There was an ice cream shop still open. “Wanna get ice creams?”
“I guess.” Kana and Ron walked to the shop and ordered their ice cream. They walked to the bridge close nearby and ate their ice creams.
“How did you know of this place?” Ron asked.
“Well, you took forever so I went sightseeing. I love this place. The breezy weather is what I like most.”
“Well, I’m very sorry. You can do whatever you want for revenge.”
Kana punched him on the arm.
“Ouch,” Ron faked, rubbing his arm.
“Don’t pretend. I’ll punch for really if you do.”
“Fine. Just joking. Gosh, why so fierce?”
Mayumi and Nadech laid on the bed silently, thinking. Nadech thought back to the party. He remembered seeing Taksin and Mayumi together. Taksin touching his Mayumi. And he had felt inside himself, the jealousy building up. He was so jealous and mad. But it was a good thing that he stopped them.
“You’re mine, Mayumi!” Mayumi still remember those words. She smiled to herself but frown a bit when she remember the kiss. It was not a kiss of love. She was Nadech and will always be. She loved him only.
“Let’s go home,” said Ron.
“Yes,” said Kana.
“How did you get here?”
“Taxi. And don’t worry, I’ll get back that way too.”
“No it’s fine. I’ll send you home.”
“Thanks.” Kana didn’t object. She wanted to go with him and she was going to be frank. She got into his car and drove to her house with her directions.
When they go there, Kana got off and Ron wished her good night. Ron stayed and watched her until she was safe inside her room. Kana was blushing, walking inside her room. She had never felt this way with any other men. Just Ron.