Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
     Nadech and Ron got out of their car and walked to Mayumi’s house.
    “Mayumi!” Nadech yelled. She was lying there on the floor. He went to her and picked her up. Ron knocked on the door and Kana sleepily opened it.
    “You, why is your friend sleeping outside?” Ron yelled.
    Kana rubbed her eyes. “What?! What did you say?” she asked sleepily.
    “You, wake up!” He put his hands on her shoulders and shook her.
    Nadech rushed past them and put Mayumi on the bed.
    Kana gained consciousness, and walked to the bed. “Nadech, what’s wrong with Mayumi?” Kana asked, worried.
    “Mayumi has a fever. Did she stay out all night?” asked Nadech.
    “I think so.”
    “Kana, hand me a wet towel, please.”
    Kana nodded and went to the sink and wet the towel. “Here.” She handed the towel to Nadech. Nadech slowly wipe Mayumi’s face and then arms.
    “Since Mayumi’s sick today, we’ll have a break,” said Nadech.
    “No!” Kana shouted.
    “What’s your problem?” asked Ron.
    “We have to go find Ryuunosuke. Fine, if you two don’t want to go, I’ll go by myself.”
    “Wait, Kana, I’ll go with you,” Ron volunteered. Kana nodded while Nadech thanked them He needed to stay and help Mayumi get better. Kana and Ron went. In the car, Ron turned to Kana. “Hey, are you really worried about your friend?”
    “Yes, and Ryuunosuke, too. I didn’t stop the wedding for nothing. It took a lot of courage.”
    “What?! If you were me, you would have done the same thing!”
    “Okay, I know, I know. I was going to say that I would have also done the same thing except I would have done it earlier.”
    Mayumi slowly opened her eyes. The light was hurting her eye, it was so bright. Her head hurt and she doesn’t want to get up.
    “Mayumi, you awake?” asked Nadech.
    “Kana, what’s going on?” asked Mayumi, massaging her temple, not realizing that it was Nadech, not Kana.
    “You have a fever. Yesterday, you stayed outside all night,” Nadech explained.
    “My head hurts a lot, Kana.”
    “Here, drink this.” Nadech helped her up. He put the cup to her mouth and she drank the medicine.
    “Thank you.” Mayumi slept again, and Nadech put the blanket over her.
    Ryuunosuke sat in his room, thinking to himself. “Thailand,” he whispered. Yes, that was the place that his father lived and he wanted to go see his father. He went to where to the living room where his uncle is.
    “Uncle Ter, do you know where Thailand is?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “Yes, it’s very far. You’ll need an airplane,” answered Uncle Ter.
    “Do you think I can get there?”
    “No, my boy. You are too young. And your mother wouldn’t allow it.”
    “What about you take me?”
    “Sorry, Ryuunosuke, but I can’t. I am old and do not like traveling.”
    “What about Mommy?”
    “Ryu, don’t talk about this matter with your mother. She doesn’t like talking about your father.”
    “Why Uncle Ter?”
    “She feels sad when she talks about him. You don’t want to make her sad, right?”
    “Yes. I want to make Mommy happy.”
    “That’s good. Your Mommy will come get you soon. And when you guys go home, remember to make her happy a lo okay? You’re her only joy now. Love and take care of her.”
    “Yes, Uncle Ter.”
    “Hurry up!” Ron yelled.
    “Wait. My feet are sore,” said Kana.
    “I should have never volunteer to come search with you. You’re so slow!” said Ron.
    Ron ignored her and kept on walking, not waiting for Kana.
    “Ron, wait,” said Kana. She fell to the ground, and hugged her legs.
    Ron turned around and look at her. “What are you doing? Get up and let’s go!”
    “No, I’m not going anymore. My legs hurt.”
    “Come one, it’s 1:00pm(13:00). We’ll go after this,” promised Ron.
    “Okay, fine. Help me up.” Kana put her hand up. Ron frowned and then grabbed her hand. Kana pulled him, and she got up while he fell to the ground, twisting his ankles.
    “Hey, you! Why did you do that?” asked Ron, mad.
    “Because of this morning. You kept on ignoring me when I say that my feet hurts. Now what about you, huh?”
    “Oww, it hurts. I think that it’s twisted.”
    “You what happened?”
    “You pulled me down too hard.”
    “I’m so sorry.” Kana got onto her knees and looked at his ankles. “It is twisted. Does it a hurt a lot?” She gently feel his ankle.
    Ron stared at her. She was really worried and no one had ever worried about him. He felt touched. “It doesn’t hurt much. Thank you, Ms. Suzuki.”
    “You can call me Kana.”
    “Okay. Thank you, Kana.”
    “You’re welcome. Come on, let’s go back.” She got on her feet.
    “Help me.” She looked at him. “Don’t worry, I won’t do that to you.”
    “Are you sure? You’re not planning revenge?”
    “Of course not. Come on, help me.” She gave him his hand and helped him up. “Thank you, Kana.” He smiled at her and she shyly turned away. No one had ever made her shy, but he did.
    Mayumi’s head was spinning and it hurt so bad.
    “Stop!” she screamed. The spinning stopped. She look at her surroundings. She was at a park. There were a lot of people around her. She was with Ryuunosuke and Nadech. They were a happy family, laughing and having fun. But then a dark figure came. That dark figure took Nadech away.
    “Nadech, what are you doing with her?! She lied to you so many times! She didn’t trust you; she doesn’t love you. I love you!”
    Nadech looked at her. “No, Nadech, don’t go. I didn’t mean to decieve you. I was scared that you will hate me.” said Mayumi, crying.
    “I don’t believe you anymore. I loved you and trusted you. I had always forgive you. But you kept on lying to me time after time. I’m not going to forgive you this time. Ryuunosuke is my son. I’m taking him with me!” He grabbed Ryuunosuke and took him away from her.
    “No Nadech. Don’t go. Don’t take Ryuunsouke.”
    Nadech and Ryuunosuke faded from her. She cried alone in the dark.
~End of Dream~
    “Mayumi?” said Nadech, waking her up. He had heard her screaming Ryuunosuke and his name, and came rushing to her, to comfort her. He feel her head. The fever had gone down and her head wasn’t hot anymore. Mayumi opened her eyes and was startle to see his eyes looking down at her.
    “Nadech?! What are you doing here?” she asked weakly.
    “I’m taking care of you. You have a fever but it’s going down.”
    “What about Kana?”
    “Kana and Ron volunteer to go search for Ryuunosuke.”
    “What happened?”
    “I came here this morning and saw you asleep outside your door. Your body was hot, so I took your temperature. You have a fever. But it’s almost gone so don’t worry.” Mayumi sat up.
    “Thank you, Nadech. You’ve been taking care of me all morning, right?” Nadech nodded.
    “I’ll go get your medicine for you.” He got off the bed, but then Mayumi grabbed his hand. She shook her head.
    “Nadech, don’t leave me.” Nadech sat back down on the bed and hold her hand hands.
    “I will never leave you, Mayumi. I love you.”
    “Don’t ever leave me again like 6 years ago.” Mayumi took her hands from his hands and put her arms around his shoulders.
    “I won’t. I promise Mayumi. When we find Ryuunosuke, I’ll take you to Thailand with me. We will begin our happy family.” Nadech hugged her tightly to assure her that he was speaking the truth.
    “Nadech, you’re not mad that I keep lying to you?” asked Mayumi.
    “No. You kept Ryuunosuke a secret because I was getting marry to Anna. You didn’t want to hurt Anna. Your lies are not selfish. I’m not mad or hate you.”
    “You trust me?”
    “Yes, I trust you a lot. More than I should. Promise me that you won’t lie to me any more, Mayumi. It hurts a lot to know that the person you love don’t trust you.”
    “I promise Nadech. I won’t lie anymore. I love you and also trust you.” Nadech smiled and hugged her.
    Kana and Ron came inside and interrupted their moment. Ron was limping and Kana was laughing at him. Mayumi and Nadech released each other.
    “What happen?” asked Nadech.
    “I twist my ankle,” answered Ron.
    “Are you okay, Khun Ron?” asked Mayumi.
    “I’m okay. What about you Khun Mayumi?” asked Ron.
    “The fever has gone down. Thank you.”
    “Nadech, are we leaving?” asked Ron.
    “Sure,” answered Nadech and then he turned to Mayumi. “Remember to drink medicine and get a lot of rest, okay?”
    “Yes,” Mayumi replied.
    “Good bye.”
    The next morning, Nadech and Ron knocked on the door. They were going to search for Ryuunosuke again today.
    “Hello,” said Mayumi, opening the door.
    “Good morning,” Ron and Nadech greeted them.
    “How are you feeling?” asked Nadech.
    “Better. A lot more. Thank you for the medicine. Kana told me that you’re the one recommend it.”
    “You’re welcome. I’m glad that you’re better.”
    Kana came to the door. “I’m ready. Are we going to go?”
    “I think that we shouldn’t go today,” said Mayumi.
    “Why, Mayumi?” asked Nadech. They were all staring at her.
    “I mean we should all take a break. We’ve have work too hard,” Mayumi explained.
    “It’s okay. We’re happy to do it,” assured Kana with a smile.
    “Yes,” Ron added.
    “Okay then. Let’s go,” said Mayumi.
    “Today, we’re going to go on separate cars. I mean if that it’s okay with you two,” said Nadech.
    “It’s fine with us. It’s very good,” said Kana.
    “Um, I think that he shouldn’t…” Mayumi hesitated.
    “It’s okay, Mayumi. I will bear with Ms. Suzuki just for you and my best friend,” interrupted Ron.
    “Come on, let’s get in the car,” said Nadech, opening the door for Mayumi. Mayumi reluctantly got in the car. Nadech walked to the other side and start the engine. Ron and Kana walked to the car behind theirs.
    “I’m not going to open the door for you. You can open it yourself,” said Ron.
    “I know. That’s what my hands are for,” said Kana. She got into the car and ignored Ron for the whole ride.
    A few minutes later, they stopped and got off. They were at the flea market.
    “Excuse me, have you seen a little boy. About 5-6 years old. This high.” asked Nadech, Mayumi, Kana and Ron the villagers. Without much luck, Nadech turned to Ron and Kana. “Let’s seperate,” suggested Nadech. They all nodded. He took Mayumi’s hand. “Mayumi and I’ll go together.” Nadech and Mayumi went the other way while Ron and Kana went the opposite. The walkway was narrow and many people were there so they need to be careful.
    Ryuunsouke sat at his desk, looking proudly at the note he had just written. He was going to find his father. No matter what happen, he will find him and he will go and live with him. He doesn’t want to live with Aunt Soy anymore. Uncle Ter was kind-hearted but he was never home. And he wanted to see his father. Does he miss him? Ryuunsouke put the note on the table and put on his backpack. All his things were in there, including the money that Mayumi have given him. She had told him to use it wisely.
    “Mommy, I’m going to go find Daddy. I will find him for us,” Ryuunosuke promised. He exited his bedroom and looked around, making sure that Aunt Soy wasn’t around. She wasn’t and he lefted the house. He had heard that taxi cars help people get to their destination. He waited at the roadside for a taxi. Finally, a taxi pulled up.
    “Hey, what are you doing here, kid?” asked the taxi driver.
    “I’m going to find my father.”
    “You’re too young.” He laughed.
    “Please, Uncle, will you help me?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “Sure, give me his address.”
    “I don’t have an address. But I know that he lives in Thailand. Can you take me there?”
    “I’m sorry, kid. I can’t. Thailand is too far. But I can help you to the airport.”
    “I don’t know. I want to go to Thailand, not the airport.”
    “If you go to the airport then you can go to Thailand.”
    “Okay then, may you please take me to the airport?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “Sure no problem.”
    “P’Anna, aren’t you worried that if Nadech knows that we are here, he might be mad?” asked Urasa.
    “It’s okay, Urasa. I just want to help him find his son. If I don’t stay and help, I’ll feel guilty for not telling him ealier about his son,” said Anna, looking at Urasa. She and Urasa had secretly stayed behind. “Thank you, Urasa for staying with me.”
    “You’re welcome, P’Anna. Even though we don’t get to be in laws, I’m still willing to help.” Anna nodded in return. “P’Anna, are we going to go to P’Nadech and them and tell them?”
    “Yes, but for now, I want to go to the flea market to buy somethings. Do you want to go?”
    “Yes, I would love to go.”
    “Ryu, my boy, I’m back!” Uncle Ter yelled. But silence greeted him. He looked around and then went to Ryuunosuke’s room. He wasn’t there. But there was a note on the desk. In a sloppy handwriting, Ryuunosuke wrote:
    Thank you, Uncle Ter for being so kind. I went to look for Daddy. Good-bye.
    He stared at the note and re-read it over and over. Oh no, Ryuunsouke went. He knew that Ryu was up to something, but shook it off, telling himself it was nothing. And now, what is he going to tell Mayumi? That he had not taken good care of her son? Was history going to repeat itself. He wasn’t able to take good care of Mayumi in the past and now he is making the same mistake with Ryuunsosuke. He put his face in his hands.
    “I’m so sorry, Mayumi, my dear.”
    “Ron, hurry up!” yelled Kana.
    “Wait!” he shouted and turned his attention back to the girls that he was talking to. Kana stared at him. She had been searching for hours while he all but flirted with girls. He had let her do all the work, not caring at all. And now he is enjoying himself, making girls laugh and having fun?! She was so ready to go to him and beat him up. “It’s okay, Kana, calm down.” she warned herself over and over again whenever she felt like beating him up.
    “Okay, I’m ready.” Ron walked to her, still laughing at the joke he told the girls.
    “Why are you laughing?” asked Kana in an annoyed voice.
    “Hey, you want to hear a joke?” teased Ron, still laughing. It was it! She is over him being so funny when it was time to hit reality. She threw a rock at him and them stomped away.
    “Hey, what was that for?” Ron went after Kana. Kana paid him now attention and stomped to the car.
    “For all that I know, you can find a way to get back home yourself!” Kana said and closed the door. Ron didn’t noticed when she had snatch the key from him. And she was really going to leave him, no kidding. She was over with him. He had hurt her feelings bad and he was going to get it. She started the engine.
    “Hey, Kana. I’m sorry, please don’t go,” Ron begged, knocking on the window door. Kana stepped on the pedal and drove away, really leaving Ron behind. Ron stared after the car and cursed. How could he get back home now? And why was Kana’s temper so short anyway? Mintues later, Kana came back. She stopped in front of him.
    “If you promise to behave, we’ll continue searching,” said Kana.
    “Fine, I’ll behave.”
    “Uncle, is this the airport?” asked Ryuunosuke. He looked around. The place was full of people, strangers that he didn’t know. The place was scary.
    “Yes,” he answered, ” now you pay me and get off.”
    “Yes.” Ryuunosuke handed him some money and got off the car. The place was big and he doesn’t even know what to do. He walked around the place and then finally decided to get out of this. He walked away and found an old man.
    “Mr., why are you sitting here?” asked Ryuunosuke. The old man was unclean and smelly.
    “I’m homeless, my boy. I have no place to go.”
    “Do you have a house?”
    “No, I just wander around here and ask people for help.”
    “I can’t help but I can stay and accompany you.”
    “Sure, my boy.”
    Nadech and Mayumi walked back to their car. It was late and they had been searching all day. Nadech turned to Mayumi. She looked exhausted. “Are you okay?” he asked.
    “I’m fine,” answered Mayumi. She tripped on a rock, but Nadech caught her in time. His hands gripped her arms tightly, not letting go.
    “You’re not fine. You’re tired.” Mayumi struggled out of his grip. “See, I can still walk.” Mayumi struggled to walk and prove to Nadech that she was alright. She was too ashamed to ask for Nadech’s help when she was the mastermind of this. She had decieved him time after time. She stumbled and almost fell again. Nadech walked to her and help her.
    “See, you’re not that strong. I think that we should go home. The sun is hot today and you have just recover.”
    “Yes.” Mayumi obidently let him guide her to the car. You sit in here while I call Kana and Ron to let them know, okay?” Mayumi nodded and Nadech phoned Ron.
    “Hello, Ron,” said Nadech. “Mayumi and I will be heading home. She’s not feeling well-” Nadech stopped speaking. Was that Anna and Urasa walking to the flea market? He thought that had left. He followed them to see if they were really Anna and Urasa. “Ron, this is it for now. I’ll call you back if we have anything else.” Nadech hung up and then call to Anna and Urasa. They turned around and saw him. “What are you two doing here?”
    “Oh hi, P’Nadech,” Urasa greeted.
    “Hello, Nadech,” said Anna.
    “What are you two doing here?” Nadech repeated his question.
    “We’re shopping. I know that this isn’t something that we will go shop at but I just feel like I need to today,” answered Urasa.
    “Why are you guys still in Japan?” Nadech asked, ignoring his sister. His attention was on Anna.
    “We’re here to help you find Ryuunosuke,” Anna replied innocently. “How’s Mayumi and the others?”
    “She’s fine. We’re heading back.”
    “That’s great. Urasa and I will follow you. Come one let’s go,” said Anna. She walked back to her car. Nadech went back to Mayumi.
    “Anna and Urasa are still in Japan,” Nadech said to Mayumi.
    “What?!” said Mayumi in alarm. Why are they still here? Are they here for revenge? Is Anna mad that she didn’t keep her words and stole Nadech from her? No it can’t be.
    “They want to help us search.”
    “And you believe them?”
    “Yes. Urasa is my sister. Of course she’s worry about her nephew. And Anna is my friend. Are you okay, Mayumi> Why are you so shocked?”
    “Nothing. Nadech, let’s go home,” said Mayumi.
    “Yes. I’ve already phone Ron and told him.” Nadech got in the car and drove back to Mayumi’s place.
    “My boy, it’s getting late. Come here, let’s go to my place. We’ll sleep there tonight and come back here tomorrow,” said the old man.
    “Yes, sir.” Ryuunosuke stood up and help the old man gather his things. He took one last glance at the airport and said, ” Don’t worry, Daddy, I will come find you.” Then he followed the old man.
    “I forgot, but what’s your name?” aske the old man.
    “Ryuunosuke,” answered Ryuunosuke.
    “How old are you?”
    “5. Almost 6 though. My birrthday is in 2 months.”
    “Well, what about your parents?”
    “My mom sent me here to live with Uncle Ter and Aunt Soy. But I don’t like it here. I’m on a mission to find my father.”
    “Oh really?”
    “Yes. He lives in Thailand. Do you know where Thailand is?”
    When Ron and Kana returned, they all say their farewells. Anna, Urasa, Nadech and Ron went back to their hotels. Mayumi and Kana went inside their house.
    “Kana, I have something to tell you,” said Mayumi. Kana looked at her tiredly. “It’s important,” she added.
    “Okay fine, I will listen,” said Kana.
    “First, promise me that you won’t hate me,” said Mayumi, worriedly.
    “I promise that I won’t hate you,” Kana promised.
    “Okay, this is how is it is,” Mayumi started.
    After Kana left, Mayumi sat down at her desk. She know that she can’t protect her secret about Ryuunosuke anymore. Nadech will totally hate her if he know. He will surely do. She had so many chances to confess about Ryuunosuke, but she didn’t. Instead, she tried to cover lie after lie. But before he hate her, let her have some time with him. Just a bit, Mayumi promised herself.
    Mayumi stood at the window, looking at her Aunt and Uncle’s phone number. “Do it, Mayumi, just do it!” she kept on telling herself. Finally, she made up her mind, and dialed the number. The phone was picked up after the 4th ring.
    “Hello, Auntie and Uncle?” asked Mayumi.
    “Hello, who is this?” asked her Uncle.
    “Uncle, it’s Mayumi,” said Mayumi happily. It’s been so long since she had heard her Uncle’s voice. It was still the cheerful, happy voice that she always hear when she was younger.
    “Mayumi?! You’re Mayumi?” he happily asked, not believing what he just heard.
    “Yes, Uncle. I missed you and Aunty. How are you?” asked Mayumi.
    “We’re doing fine. How are you, Sweetie?”
    “I’m doing fine. I just have a bit of problem here.”
    “What is it?”
    “Ryuunosuke is sick and I’m not always home to take care of him. I was wondering if he can come and live with you and Aunty for a bit.”
    “Of course, Mayumi. I can’t wait to see him, how much he had grown. The last time I saw him, he was only a few weeks old.”
    “Uncle, can you come right now?” asked Mayumi.
    “Right now? Well, you know the ride. It takes about 4 hours. By the time I reach there, it wil be dark.”
    “It’s okay. I want you to take him tonight, please.”
    “Okay, I’ll come right now.”
    “Thanks, Uncle!” Mayumi hung up. She left work and went straight home.
    Mayumi got out a bag and packed Ryuunosuke’s clothes and toys in it. “Nadech, I don’t care how much you’ll hate me for this, but I just really want to spend some time with you. I love you.”
~End of Flashback~
    “What?! So it was actually your plan after all? A lie.” said Kana, disappointed.
    “Yes, Kana. I’m so sorry,” Mayumi answered sadly. Kana stood up. “Please, Kana. You can hit me, do whatever, but please don’t leave me. I don’t have anyone left another then you, Ryuunsouke, Nadech and Uncle.”
    “I can’t believe it, Mayumi. I did all of this for you. You just have to go and mess it up! Do you know how much courage it took me to help you? And you betrayed me. You betrayed your own friend. I am disappointed and hurt because of you,” said Kana in a pained tone.
    “I’m sorry, Kana. If only I can go back,” said Mayumi remorsefully, crying. Then they heard a sound outside. Kana rushed to the door and opened it. Anna and Urasa stood outside, staring back at them in disbelief.
    “So you messed it up again, Mayumi,” Anna whispered.