Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
    Mayumi swallowed and then dialed Nadech’s phone number. He answered instantly.”Mayumi?!” he answered happily. Mayumi didn’t know what to say. She looked at Kana, but Kana only stared back.
    “Nadech?” she said into the phone, nervously.
    “Mayumi, what is it?” asked Nadech.
    “Nadech, I need you to come over here to the hospital immediately,” said Mayumi.
    “What?! What happened?” asked Nadech, half-shouting. He was with his family, and now they were all staring at him, curious. “Sorry.” he mouthed to them and they turned back to do their curent activity.
    “It’s Ryuunosuke. He needs your help.”
    “Okay, I’ll be right there, Mayumi.” He hung up and got his stuffs.
    “What is it, Nadech?” asked Anna.
    “Ryuunosuke is sick. Mayumi needed me,” answereed Nadech.
    “Let me go with you, Nadech,” said Anna. Nadech nodded. Ron also went with them.
    “He’s coming,” Mayumi told Kana.
    “Good,” said Kana.
    “How is it going, ladies?” asked the doctor appearing.
    “He’s coming,” Mayumi repeated. The doctor started to leave, but Mayumi stopped him. “Doctor, when he comes, can you not mention that he’s the father?”
    The doctor stared at he, again strangely, and then understood. “He doesn’t know?”
    “Yes. I want to keep it a secret. Please?” Mayumi pleaded.
    “I guess.”
    “Thank you, doctor!” said Mayumi, happily. The doctor smiled and nodded. When he left, Kana turned to Mayumi.
    “Why are you still trying to cover this up?” asked Kana, mad.
    “Nadech is getting marry in 2 days. I don’t want to ruin it for him. Please Kana,” begged Mayumi.
    “Fine, I’ll stay put and act as if I know nothing,” said Kana. She crossed her arms, not looking at Mayumi.
    A few minutes later, Nadech arrived. Mayumi was startle when she saw Anna with them.
    “Mayumi, what happened?” asked Nadech.
    “Ryu needs blood, your blood,” she slowly explained. Ron and Anna eyed her suspiciously.
    “Why mine?” asked Nadech confused.
    “He has the same blood type as you. I remember.”
    “Okay then, I’ll help.”
    “Follow me.” Mayumi and Nadech both went to the doctor.
    “Thank you, Mr.Kugimiya. It turns out, your blood was just the right type,” said the doctor.
    “Your welcome. I’m glad to help,” said Nadech, smiling.
    “You may go outside now.”
    “Yes.” Nadech went out of the room and meet with Mayumi, Anna, Kana and Ron.
    “How is it?” asked Mayumi, worried.
    “You’re right, Mayumi, my blood was just the right type.”
    “Thank you, Nadech, thank you!” said Mayumi. And without thinking, she hugged him, thanking him again. Nadech didn’t know what to do, so he hugged her back. After realizing what she had just done, she released him and stepped back. “Sorry,” she apologized.
    “It’s okay.”
    The doctor met them outside. “His condition is stable. You guys can go visit him now.”
    “Yes. Thank you, doctor.” They all went to the patient’s room, except for Anna. She followed the doctor.
    “Doctor, may I talk to you for a bit?” asked Anna.
    He turned around and answered, “Yes.”
    Ryuunosuke was still asleep when they all entered the room. Mayumi walked to him and sat down on the chair next to it.
    “Ryu, you’re safe now,” she whispered. Nadech walked to Mayumi and stood behind her, looking at Ryuunosuke. Kana turned to Ron and silently said, “Let’s go.”
    “Why?” asked Ron, enjoying the scene.
    “We don’t want to disturb them.”
    “Yes.” They both quietly got out of the room.
    Kana turned the other way and headed toward the elevator. “Where are you going?” asked Ron.
    “I’m going to work,” answered Kana.
    “Wait don’t go. I think that we should go and have lunch first. It’s afternoon and I’m really hungry.”
    “You go by yourself.”
    “No, you’re going with me.”
    Kana walked away, into the elevator. Ron followed her. “If you don’t go, I’ll pester you all day!” he threaten.
    “I’ll have you thrown out of the company!” she shot right back.
    “See if you can!”
    “Doctor, Nadech is Ryuunosuke’s father, right?” asked Anna.
    “I’m sorry, Miss, but I can not tell you this.”
    “Please Doctor, I need to know.”
    “But if I tell you, I’m not protecting patient privacy.”
    “Please. I promise you that I have no ill-intentions. It’s for my fiancee’s sake.”
    The doctor studied her thoroughly, “Fine yes, he is. Ryuunosuke has hemophilia and needed blood. His mother’s blood didn’t match, his father’s did.”
    “Thank you, doctor,” said Anna.
    “You’re welcome. I told you this much already, you have to keep your promise.”
    “Yes I will. Thank you, doctor.”
    Anna walked away. She didn’t know how she felt. Was she happy or sad? Happy that she could do something for Nadech and sad that she is going to lose him. She needed to talk to Mayumi.
    Nadech stood still, just admiring Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. Suddenly, Ryuunosuke moved his head. He slowly opened his eyes.
    “Mommy,” he said weakly.
    “Ryu!” Mayumi silently yelled, hugging him.
    “Uncle Nadech is here, too.”
    “What?” said Mayumi. She spun around and saw Nadech. She was speechless.
    “Mommy, I want water,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Okay, I’ll get you water,” said Mayumi, reaching for the water. But Nadech already got it and handed the glass to Mayumi. “Thank you.” Nadech nodded his head. Mayumi turned back to Ryuunosuke and helped him with the water.
    “Nadech, we have to go,” said Anna, opening the door. She noticed that they were all together, and went out of the door.
    “Sorry, Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. I’ll have to go. Good-bye,” Nadech said, walking to the door.
    “Good bye, Uncle Nadech,” said Ryuunosuke waving. Mayumi only stared at him leaving.
    “Mommy, why didn’t you say bye to Uncle Nadech?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “You already say bye for both of us. I don’t need to anymore,” said Mayumi, faking a smile.
    “Yes, Mommy.” He smiled.
    Kana and Ron are at a restaurant, eating. Ron kept on ordering more food which annoyed Kana.
    “Are you done, yet?!” asked Kana, getting bored.
    “Not yet,” Ron answered.
    “It’s been an hour,” complained Kana.
    “But I’m still hungry.”
    “Fine.” Kana crossed her arms over her chest.
    Ron smiled, looking at her. Then he spotted Betty along with Nadech/Anna’s mothers and sisters.
    “Oh, no, there’s going to be trouble,” he whispered to himself. He turned to Kana, got up, and took her hand. “I’m done. Let’s go.”
    “Wait, why are you in such a hurry?” she asked, while he dragged her out of the restaunt. Betty and them were coming closer so he turned the other way.
    “Dude, what are you doing?” she asked as he pressed her to the wall and accidently kissed her. She pushed him away and slapped him.
    “Sorry, but for now-” he said and then stopped. She has tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Kana.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the place. When they were safely outside, he looked at her again. “Kana, hear me out. I’m so sorry. I slipped-“
    “Don’t try to explain. I don’t want to hear!” said Kana.
    “But Kana-“
    “I don’t care if you slip or not, the result is still the same.”
    “Kana, seriously, that was only a kiss.”
    “That was my FIRST kiss!” she shouted, crying harder. People around them were focusing their attention on them.
    “Okay, okay. I’m truly sorry. I’ll take you where you want to go,” said Ron, wanting to get out of the place.
    “Let me go my own way!” she shouted. Kana ran away from Ron. He stood there and then finally got into his car. He couldn’t understand why a first kiss was so important to women.
    “Kana, you can stop crying now. Ryu might wake up,” said Mayumi, comforting her.
    “But that was my first kiss, Mayumi,” said Kana, still crying. She had ran all the way back to the hospital. And when she got there, was was not looking so good. He hair was messy and clothes were dirty.
    “Kana, it’s okay. Let the past be the past,” said Mayumi.
    “You say that because you had your first kiss with the person you want. You had it with Nadech, and you guys were in love. That guy and I barely know each other. Can’t you see the difference?” He face was buried in her hands.
    When Mayumi didn’t say anything, Kana took her hands off her face and looked at her. Mayumi was sad and missed Nadech. “I’m sorry, Mayumi.”
    “It’s okay.”
    “I didn’t mean to. At that time you guys looked so in love. I was so jealous. I wished I had a love like yours.”
    “I regret knowing him. I should have never given him my first kiss or virginity.”
    “Mayumi, you know that you don’t regret that.. And if you did, there wouldn’t be Ryuunosuke. And you love Ryuunosuke, right?”
    “Yes, I love him. I love Nadech, too. He created a scar on me that can never be cured.”
    “Mayumi, I’m so sorry. Here I am, crying like a big baby over the first kiss, while you have to endure losing the one guy that you’d ever loved.” Kana hugged Mayumi. For the first time in her life, Mayumi cried and pour out all her pains and enduring. They both comforted each other.
    “Remember the first time…” said Kana. They recalled the old funny memories in the past, laughing and joking to each other to ease their pains.
    “You know something, Mayumi?”
    “What, Kana?” asked Mayumi.
    “All I ever wanted was true love, just like yours.”
    “I just can’t believe it that a girl like her value such a little thing like a first kiss,” said Ron. He and Nadech were together in the office, talking.
    “You’ll never understand,” said Nadech.
    “I told you already. Don’t mess with Kana Suzuki.”
    “I didn’t. It was an accident. I slipped on something. And I was trying to protect her from Betty.”
    “Protect her or you?” teased Nadech.
    “Even though I’m a womanizer, I’m not a totally jerk.”
    “I was just joking, Ron. I know you. But I’m serious about Kana.”
    “I know.” After a few minutes Ron looked up at Nadech again and asked, “Nadech, what do you think I should do. You know to ask for forgiveness.”
    “Just leave her alone.”
    “I can’t.”
    Nadech looked at him strangely. “Don’t say-“
    “No, Kana, she’s different.”
    “So is Mayumi.”
    “You still love her?”
    “Very much.”
    “What about Anna?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “I don’t love Betty.”
    “I know. You’ve been stuck with her like forever. That’s why you’re like this, a playboy.”
    Ron nodded. “All I ever wanted was true love.”
    The next morning, Anna went to the company to see Mayumi.
    “Hello, Anna.” The workers greeted her. They all knew that she was getting marry with Nadech the next day and were happily congraluating her.
    “Hello, Anna,” said Mayumi, not looking at her.
    “I want to talk to you,” said Anna, silently. She walked into Mayumi’s office and Mayumi followed her. They both sat down.
    “What is it Anna?” asked Mayumi.
    Anna took Mayumi’s history papers and put it on the desk. Mayumi took it and read it, then looked up at Anna.
    “How dare you intrude into my personal life?”
    “I’m sorry, Mayumi.”
    “You want to know about Nadech and my relationship, too?” Anna nodded her head.
    “Fine, yes we were sweethearts, but it’s over between us.”
    “You’re wrong.”
    “It’s not over,” said Anna and then added,”yet.”
    “What do you mean?” asked Mayumi.
    “You still haven’t tell him the truth about Ryuunosuke.”
    “I don’t have to.” Mayumi turned away.
    “You do. Ryuunosuke is his child. He deserves to know.”
    “Anna, please. You’re getting marry to him tomorrow. I want everything the way it is now. I’m find with Ryuunosuke. I can raise him on my own. Haven’t these 5 years prove it?”
    “But…” Anna hesitated.
    “Please Anna. Keep it a secret, for my sake and Ryuunosuke. Also yours. You loved him, don’t you?”
    Anna looked at Mayumi, searching her face.
    “Are you crazy, Mayumi?” Kana yelled.
    “Shh, Kana be more quiet. And no, I’m not crazy,” Mayumi calmly answered.
    “Yes you are. Anna, Nadech’s fiancee, has just offer to stop the marriage for you and Ryu’s sake, but you rejected it.”
    “I liked how things are already. Just me and Ryu, it’s enough.”
    “No it’s not. You still longed for Nadech, you still loved him. After the confession last night, you’re just going to let it end here?”
    “I was able to forget him these last 6 years. As the years passes, I will be able to forget him again, too.”
    “No you’re not. Heaven have let him entered your life again. Haven’t you realized, you two belong together!”
    “I love him, but he doesn’t love me.”
    “Yes, he does. I see the desires in him. Yesterday, I saw in him that he jsut wanted to cuddle you and give you comfort, help you with your pain.”
    “It’s too late.”
    “No it’s not. Tomorrow, I will go and try to stop the wedding. I will tell Nadech the truth about everything.”
    “Kana, you can’t.”
    “Yes I can. Nadech will be part of your life. I don’t want to see you regretting for the rest of your life, Mayumi. What do you say, Mayumi?”
    Mayumi stared into her friend’s eye. She knew that she was for real. This is going to be a big desicion to make.
    “Yes or no?” Kana repeated.
    “Yes,” Mayumi finally answered.
    “Yes!” Kana happily celebrated her accomplishment. “Thank you Mayumi for trusting in me. I promised that I will make Nadech come back to you. You, him and Ryuunosuke will be a happy family forever! I promised!” Kana hugged her friend.
    But Mayumi was planning a whole new different part to this…